BBC iPlayer Has a New Font for Cost-Saving Reasons

The BBC has done the modern thing that thing Netflix has just done, creating its own family of fonts for use online so it can avoid paying licensing fees to the original creators. The BBC's font family is called BBC Reith in honour of founder John Reith, and has replaced the likes of Helvetica and Arial on the iPlayer this week. Perhaps as many as three people noticed the change, as it's not a hugely wacky design. The letter i is not dotted by a heart. Read More >>

Netflix Creates it Own Font to… Save Money

Netflix has created a font all of its own — Netflix Sans — and one of the reasons why might make you say "oh, that's interesting" and have a little think about what goes on behind the scenes of our beloved media giants. Read More >>

Formula 1 Has a Font Now

The end of this year's F1 season saw the racing business launch itself a new logo, or a whole new "brand identity" as we should probably say, as F1 now has its own selection of fonts for writing about it in. Read More >>

Dubai Now Has Its Own Font

The city of Dubai has worked with Microsoft to create an official font for the city, which it claims is a world first (we're not convinced). Read More >>

Here’s How to Change Your WhatsApp Font, Just Because

It’s hot today. A bit too hot really. Seriously, who’s even pretending to work? Days like this are supposed to be spent frolicking through meadows and doing pointless stuff you can boast about. Read More >>

Apple Managers Worried That ‘click’ Looks Too Much Like ‘dick’

Loads of serious men sitting around an expensive table in Apple's HQ came up with a potential problem with the El Capitan update tag line "There's more to love with every click." They thought that the lowercase "click" may look like "dick" and could therefore lead to potential online embarrassment on the pages of Reddit. Read More >>

The Internet Looks Like Crap Today Due to a Font Vault Cock-Up

The IT departments of various internet businesses are in crisis mode today, after a server problem with an internet font archive effectively broke the well researched and tested layouts and font choices of some of the biggest web sites out there. Read More >>

Free Font Cuts Out Words That Would Land You on NSA’s Watchlist

Some might see downloading this free font called Seen as the digital equivalent of donning a tin foil hat. Except that we know that security agencies like the NSA and GCHQ are intercepting emails and other communications, scanning for specific trigger words that this font automatically crosses out. Read More >>

How the Star Wars Logo Got Confused With Nazi Typography

The history of the Star Wars logo has long been controversial for its purported connection to fascist or even Nazi typography. After all, the Star Wars saga is an apparent analogy for World War II, where the Empire is the Third Reich and Darth Vader represents Adolf Hitler. Read More >>

Four Typefaces That Let You Write Like Einstein and Other Famous Thinkers

The art of handwritten script is lost on most of us keyboard-attached slobs. But over the past few years, a small group of designers have dug into the archives of famous thinkers and artists to bring their script into the digital world. You too can write like Einstein, even if you can’t think like him. Read More >>

Apple May Roll Out its New Watch Typeface Across All Devices

In welcome news for those of us who couldn’t take another year squinting at that spindly, bad-for-screens typeface, 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Apple will replace Helvetica Neue with its new San Francisco typeface for all operating systems. This is the font Apple designed in-house for the Watch—and if this is true, it’s going to be SO much better. Read More >>

An Alphabet Poster That Teaches You the Fundamentals of Font Design

If you can’t figure out why all your friends were snickering at your home-made wedding invites you carefully designed using Microsoft WordArt, Pop Chart Lab’s new Alphabet of Typography print will give you a much-needed crash course in font design, spacing, and terminology. Read More >>

Trust Us, Change Your Yosemite Font From Helvetica to San Francisco

Brittle, anaemic Helvetica is simply not a good choice as a default display font Apple's operating system. That's why I'm pretty excited about this little trick to replace Helvetica Neue (the standard font that comes with Yosemite) with San Francisco, Apple's new typeface designed in-house for the Apple Watch. Read More >>

Apple’s Homemade Fonts, Ranked

Apple recently debuted one of its first in-house fonts in nearly 20 years. The tech company's most frequently used typefaces now are Myriad, Lucida Grande, Avenir, and Helvetica Neu, all brought in from third parties. But in its early days, graphic designers like Susan Kare helped Apple stand apart from competitors by designing original fonts. Read More >>

Say Hello to San Francisco, the Free Font Apple Designed for its Watch

We've known for a while that the Apple Watch has a brand-new custom font designed by Apple, but now it has a name: San Francisco. Read More >>