Digestives Hit in Latest Brexit Shrinkage Horror

Well the good news is that McVitie's is inadvertently helping fight the obesity epidemic. The bad news is that your standard pack of Digestives is going to be substantially smaller in the near future, joining Jaffa Cakes on the shrinkflation list of shame. Read More >>

Greggs is Thinking About Going Vegan

Greggs, once known only for its sausage rolls and steak bakes, has been fooling around with 'healthy choices' for a while now. From salads, to low fat sarnies, Greggs is now considering adding a vegan line to its menu. Read More >>

Walkers Crisps Engineers New Crisp Specifically to Complement Beer

Walkers Crisps and owner PepsiCo are having another go at cracking the man-crisp market after several failed attempts at besting entrenched ridged rival McCoy's, with the launch of a crisp the manufacturer claims has been created to be "perfect with beer." Read More >>

B&M Advertises Job for a “Chicken Nugget Connoisseur”

If you've got a penchant for frozen breaded meat products, B&M might have just advertised your dream job: a Chicken Nugget Connoisseur. Honestly. It's real. I almost wish I was joking, but I'm not. Read More >>

Switzerland Considers the Feelings of the Lobster

People in Switzerland who fancy a bit of lobster for their tea will now have to find a better way of killing and cooking the things, as the government has passed a law that bans the throwing of the creatures into pans of boiling water while they're still alive. Read More >>

Hampshire Curry House Is Flying Takeaways to France to Give Homesick Brits a Proper Curry

Britain has seen a fair amount of immigration throughout its long history, whether we're talking about the Romans over 2,000 years ago or people from around the world who think it might be nicer place to live. All those people brought their food and cooking styles with them, and as a result you can get good food from pretty much every country without too much hassle. Read More >>

Just Eat Gives Regulators the Finger, Turns Credit Card Charges Into Universal ‘Service Charge’

Last year it was announced that as of the 13th January this year (aka this Saturday), companies in the UK would not be allowed to charge customers for using credit cards. Some say it was the EU cracking down, other say it was our own government, but regardless of who should take credit it was designed to save people from "rip off" charges on products or services they were already paying for. Read More >>

Manchester Hospital Bans Sugar From Patient and Staff Food

High-fructose corn syrup addicts living in the vicinity of Manchester's Tameside hospital had better hope they never get sick, as the hospital has banned all sugary snacks and drinks from sale inside the premises -- and has even encouraged the on-site chefs to make sure the meals offered to patients and staff are sugar free, too. Read More >>

A Common Sweetener May Be Worsening the Spread of These Deadly Bacteria

Stool transplants are exactly what they sound like: moving poo from a healthy person into a sick person, perhaps via a pill or an enema. I bring this up because most people cringe at the idea—but they’re a treatment proven effective for some antibiotic-resistant infections caused by the Clostridium difficile, or C. diff bacteria, which kill thousands of Brits per year. A common sweetener may be worsening these C. diff infections. Read More >>

Shops Gutted in Hunt for £2,000 Albino Creme Egg

We hate to say we told you so, but, on January 3 in a post titled 'There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets' we correctly hypothesised that the hiding of random white eggs within the foil Creme Egg packaging would lead to mass peeling away of foil and spoiling of normal eggs in the hunt for prize-winning white eggs. And it has. It's in the news. Read More >>

Irn Bru Fans Are Panic Buying Ahead of a Recipe Change

People are very fond of their food and drink, with any attempt to change it facing strong resistance from those who don't want it to change. It happened with New Coke in the US, with Creme Eggs here, and it's happening again with Scotland's favourite soft drink Irn Bru. So fans of the current recipe are panicking and stockpiling as much as they can. Read More >>

Waitrose Stops Under-16s Buying Ultra-Caffeinated Drinks

Waitrose is about to restrict the sale of the most highly caffeinated energy drinks to children, with a move to ban sales of the garish beverages to under-16s expected to be in place by early March. Read More >>

The Video Where a Woman Cooks With Her Mouth: Some Questions and Answers

It’s not what you think. The YouTube video “Cooking With Your Mouth | Christmas Turkey” sounds like some crazy science experiment where some brave chef heats up ingredients in her cheeks and then swallows them. In fact, it’s much more disgusting than that. I can’t stop watching it, but I also have some questions. Read More >>

Shropshire Chef Spiked Vegan Meals in Revenge Attack

The owner and operator of a restaurant in Shropshire is facing fury and a council investigation after admitting to somehow "spiking" vegan meals with non-vegan products. Read More >>

There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets

Cadbury has done a great thing or a silly thing depending on your opinion of the sociopolitical importance of the Creme Egg recipe, with a white-shelled version of the classic January-through-April treat now on sale. Read More >>