Does Solid Coffee Taste Good?

Look, I fully admit this is a pretty first-world problem (especially considering everything else going on right now), but what are you supposed to when you need some coffee but don’t have the time or equipment to brew or buy a fresh cup of joe? Read More >>

This Building Block Waffle Maker is Like Eating Lego for Breakfast

Beating Lego to the punch, a clever inventor wants to turn breakfast into not only the most important meal of the day, but the most entertaining one as well with a waffle maker that makes fluffy, edible interlocking blocks for building syrup-soaked structures. Read More >>

Cold, Stale and Potentially Hazardous Big Macs Spotted For Sale on eBay

A "used" box of McDonald's chicken nuggets has been spotted on eBay, as those fortunate enough to have purchased before the national shutdown attempt to profit from those who don't mind getting half-rotten chicken sent to their homes in the post. Read More >>

We’re Going to Need to Relearn Ancient Harvesting Skills

The government's issued a slightly conflicting message about us all having to head outside, into the fields, and all at once soon, otherwise the country will run out of raspberries to boil up into jam to line the bases of the cherry bakewells when the summer fruit picking season comes. Read More >>

3D Printing Foods With Complex Designs Can Trick Diners Into Eating Less While Still Feeling Full

The killer app for 3D printers might have nothing to do with quickly churning out complex parts to speed up manufacturing. 3D-printed food is promising to revolutionise the culinary experience, and by making tweaks to a meal’s printed structure, researchers have found ways to make diners feel more full while they eat less. Read More >>

M&S Teams Up With Deliveroo So You Can Get Still Get All of Your Essentials

Deliveroo has announced that you can now get your groceries delivered with no delivery charge if you order from M&S Simply Food at BP. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Closing Down All of its Restaurants in the UK Today Until Further Notice

Well, you know things are getting dire when fast food chains start closing. McDonald's is closing down its UK stores just days after pledging to stay open. Read More >>

A Second Dust Bowl Could Threaten Global Food Security

A new study paints a scary reality: one where climate change pushes another Dust Bowl-like event to take over the Great Plains, throwing global food security into uncertainty. Read More >>

Just Eat Announces £10m Support Package to Help out Restaurants for the Next Month

The government has yet to tell venues like bars and restaurants to shut down, so businesses are doing all they can to stay open during the current pandemic to stay afloat. That burden has been eased somewhat by Just Eat, which has stepped in to help. Read More >>

Domino’s is Giving Away Free Pizza to NHS Staff Tomorrow

The coronavirus is on the rampage and there health services across the world are struggling to keep up. NHS staff are working tirelessly around the clock to deal with the influx of sick people, and you know what? They deserve some free shit as a thank you. Read More >>

Coronavirus Pandemic Sees Pret Join Restaurants That Are Offering Freebies to NHS Workers

The spread of coronavirus has been alarming, causing the shut down of venues like bars, and cinemas, as well as schools and work places, but the NHS has to soldier on, and brands are stepping up to help them out. Read More >>

Ocado Closes Website for a “Few Days” to Manage Panic Order Surge

People who think food mainly arrives in a van as if they're being fed like a pet are finding it impossible to order through Ocado right now, as the online-only supermarket has closed its web site to have a think about how it can cope, in these times when everyone wants 12 of everything it has bringing to them right now, or at least between 11am and 12pm on Saturday at the very latest. Read More >>

London Brewery Flogging ‘Pub in a Box’ to Sustain You Through Your Self-Isolation

Coronavirus is on the rampage and everyone is being told to avoid their local haunts and stay indoors. One brewery is taking the new status quo in its stride and is bringing the pub to you. Read More >>

McDonald’s Shuts Down Seating Areas at Restaurants Across the Country

The next time you pop into McDonald's, the gaggle of teens and tweens that spend their time draped over tables all day sharing one box of fries will be notably absent. Who says coronavirus is all doom and gloom? Read More >>

Tesco 24 Hour Stores Are Cutting Back Opening Hours Starting Today

Tesco has announced that it'll be reducing the opening hours of its 24 hour stores because you animals won't stop hoarding shit, like you're toilet paper-loving dragons. Read More >>