I Have a Few Questions About This Bacon Vending Machine

It’s come to our attention that Ohio State University, in the US, now features a bacon vending machine. The technology was installed in the Animal Sciences Building at the university’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, and it dispenses servings of ready-to-eat bacon for $1 each (about 70p). These basic facts have led me to ask a lot of questions about what’s really going on. Read More >>

Just Eat’s Made Onion Bhaji Baubles

We spend quite a lot of our time reading press releases, turning to one another in despair and crying "but WHY?" Read More >>

Kellogg’s Offloads Waste Cornflakes for Use in Craft Beer Industry

We know what you're doing here, Kellogg's. You're trying to take hold of the cereal news agenda to people stop talking about how much sugar they're eating for breakfast, aren't you? You want some feelgood news to pop up when the boss searches for "Kellogg's" in Google News today, don't you? Well here you go. They're making beer out of cornflakes. Ha ha. Well done. Very healthy. Beer. Mmm. Read More >>

Morrisons Stuffed a Full Christmas Dinner Into a Pasty

Christmas dinner is big and requires a lot of effort, and it doesn't help when my brother throws a tantrum every time someone decides to change how the turkey is cooked for the sake if simplicity. It's all a huge faff, even if you try and make everything easier for yourself, so Morrisons has tried to make everything as simple as possible by stuffing a full Christmas dinner into a pasty. Read More >>

McDonald’s Is Giving Away McNugget Christmas Baubles

They're not exactly associated with Christmas, but nonetheless McDonald's have decided to make chicken McNugget tree decorations and give them away to promote its new Christmas advert. (Would turkey McNuggets not have been more festive? OK, OK, we'll get back in our boxes). Read More >>

Morrisons Introduces the Wonky Brussels Sprout Stalk

The hated Brussels sprout is about to become a marginally harder sell this Christmas, thanks to supermarket Morrisons adding slightly wonky stalks of the miniature brassica to its Christmas range. The good news is it costs just 75p for an entire, slightly off alignment stalk of the little round vegetable. Read More >>

gig economy
Sorry, Deliveroo Drivers: No Group Negotiation For You, Says High Court

Working out the finer legal points of the gig economy has been a key pastime for the UK legal system over the last couple of years, and it's just upheld a previous ruling that Deliveroo drivers are not employed by the company and therefore can't negotiate as a group. Read More >>

Lidl Fake-Vandalises Posh Supermarket Billboards

Oh now this is clever. Rethink your opinions about the Germans and their senses of humour, as it's an amazing advertising campaign by discounter Lidl in which it pretend-overwrites the pretentious adverts of the supposedly upmarket supermarkets to point out it has cheaper versions of near-identical products. A burn hotter than the one your dad is soon to inflict on the pigs in blankets. Read More >>

Millennials Don’t Have Can Openers, Apparently

They've been blamed for everything from the price of avocados to the decline of Western civilisation, and now apparently millennials are at fault for not buying enough canned fish. Read More >>

Then They Came for the Little Plastic Windows on Sandwich Packaging

The little plastic window on the sandwich pack that reassures you the person in the factory remembered to put the ingredients in is the latest target in the war on all things plastic, as the government is said to be planning a 15p levy on food manufacturers that sell sandwiches in hybrid cardboard/plastic packaging in order to close the little plastic windows – PERMANENTLY. Read More >>

Eco Cafe Declares War on Avocados

The Wild Strawberry Cafe on Peterley Manor Farm has come out fighting against today's obsession with avocados, declaring that it will no longer sell them and their derivative products as they're linked with deforestation, cause untold environmental damage due to the way their shipped over to us in a hurry to battle the ripeness clock, and in underground avocado news, suggests that control of the fruit's supply has even been linked to drug cartels. Read More >>

Kellogg’s Agrees to Publicly Shame its Own Breakfast Ranges

Grain homogeniser Kellogg's has agreed, belatedly, to join in with the government's push to better inform people about the content of the thing from the box they're about to eat, and will start putting the coloured "traffic light" fat/sugar/salt warnings on its cereal boxes from next January. Better tell the printers to get more red ink in. Read More >>

Restaurant Offers Free Kids’ Meals if You Hand Over Your Mobile

This is a bit of a stunt being run by Frankie & Benny's to get us talking about issues, but it also seems to be a genuine way of getting a child fed for free so... why not? Read More >>

Nando’s Wishes You a Peri Peri Christmas With New Peri Peri Gravy

Nando's clearly isn't one of those brands that insists Christmas must start in October, having just announced one of the new additions to its menu for the Christmas season. Turns out we're going to get a very special peri-peri gravy this year, just for the month of December. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tells Shoppers What to Buy for the Food Bank Drops

It's the curse of the modern age: you've done your shopping, bought what you can afford, planned as many as four dinners in advance and even paid for it all like you're supposed to using the self-scanning things, then they ask you to think about other people and spare an item or two for the local food banks on your way out. Dinner plans ruined. Careful rucksack loading undone. You walk by leaving nothing, feeling evil. Read More >>