Jamie Oliver’s Restaurants Plunged into Fryer of Administration

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's celebrity businessman credentials are about to be called into question, as the company that operates all of his high street restaurant brands has called in the administrators. It's the global finance equivalent of doing a runner without paying. Read More >>

Morrisons is Ditching the Plastic Packaging for its Produce Across 60 Stores This Year

Morrisons is joining the battle against plastic use in its supermarkets by offering packaging-free fruit and veg so you can manhandle that cabbage you were eyeing up, take it in your arms, and carry it around the aisles like a big, leafy, and slightly pungent baby with no judgement. Read More >>

Vegan Sausage Rolls Hit the Random Aisles of Aldi

Aldi is not-beefing up its plant-based food options this week, and has launched a warm take on the vegan sausage roll in the form of a... vegan sausage roll. It has been branded as product of Mae's Kitchen, which is a clever name for a factory in Poland, and is being sold in a four-pack for taking home and heating up and eating three of. The fourth one can sit in the fridge and go off. You either have two at a time like a sensible person or eat three, disgust yourself, and leave the fourth to rot. That's the law. Read More >>

Cat Food Gave Pets and Owners Bovine TB

Around 50 pet cats and two of their human keepers were infected with bovine tuberculosis late last year, prompting a recall of one particular brand of supposedly healthy "natural" cat food. Read More >>

Quality Street Has Good News for Your Teeth

More stress and upheaval is about to enter our lives thanks to Nestle, which is reformulating the box content of its Quality Street perennial gifting treat. As if we haven't got enough to be worried about. In short, the sweet known as "Toffee Deluxe," or the really hard one that routinely destroys the expensive dentistry of the elderly consumer typically over Christmas when all the dentists are closed, has gone. Read More >>

Some Tesco Stores are Closing Down Fish, Meat, and Deli Counters for Good

In a bid to save £1.5 billion, Tesco has been cutting jobs and has plans to close down meat, fish, and deli counters in 90 of its supermarkets across the UK with Quedgeley and Cirencester being amongst the first to go, reports GloucestershireLive. Read More >>

Schools Should Have Mandatory Meat-Free Days, Says the Soil Association

The government is under pressure to serve up a mandatory plant-based protein meal at least once a week to students on the advice of Soil Association – a charity focused on changing the "future of food and farming". Read More >>

A New Diet Study Confirms Your Worst Suspicions About Ultra-Processed Foods

A U.S. government-led trial may confirm the worst fears of anyone whose diet starts and ends in the frozen food aisle in Tesco. It suggests that people who mostly eat ultra-processed foods will take in more calories and gain more weight than those who stick to mostly unprocessed foods—even if the two diets start off with the same amounts of fat, carbs, and other nutrients. Read More >>

London Sushi Chain Adds Crickets to Its Spring Menu

London-based sushi chain Abokado is adding a little bite to its salads, poke bowls, and hotpots with the addition of crunchy crickets to its range of 12 existing toppings. Read More >>

Amazon Invests in Deliveroo After Repeated Failed Attempts at Trying to Buy the Delivery Service

After shutting down its Amazon Restaurants service last year because it just couldn't compete with the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, Amazon is getting back in the game, contributing to a $575m investment in Deliveroo. That's around £481m. Read More >>

Samsung Rolls out New Secret Menu at Nationwide Restaurants

Samsung's foldable phone may be going to shit, but it knows you still gotta eat. The South Korean company has teamed up with four UK restaurant chains to bring Samsung owners exclusive dishes to keep them distracted until it gets back to the business of satiating your appetite for sleek and slinky new tech products, rather than juicy burgers and piping hot pizzas. Read More >>

Frankie & Benny’s Is Offering a 50% Discount and Here’s How You Can Get a Pizza the Action

Frankie & Benny's is offering its customers a whopping half price discount on their main course if they snap a photo and pop it on Instagram, tagging the restaurant. Read More >>

Jet2 Launches Disappointing In-Flight Nando’s Experience

The Nando's brand, our national fine-dining evening equivalent to Greggs, is coming to the world of in-flight meals, with short-ish-haul flier Jet2 hoping to increase its share of holiday destination bookings by offering Nando's-branded products on flights. Read More >>

Stop Trying to Make Your Own Cat Food

People who use homemade cat food—based on recipes from books and the internet—to feed their precious felines may be inadvertently harming them, suggests a new study out this week. The study’s authors found that all of the nearly 100 recipes they examined had at least one glaring dietary flaw. In some cases, they even contained dangerous ingredients that can make cats seriously sick. Read More >>