Yoko Ono Turns on John Lemon

Artist and brand custodian Yoko Ono has successfully taken action against a lemonade company, which was selling a version of the timeless fizzy drink under the name John Lemon. It's a clever name, but a bit too close in sounds and visual likeness to a certain Liverpudlian songwriter. Read More >>

Kellogg’s Puts a Unicorn on Breakfast

Kellogg's has come up with a new way of selling processed sugary cereals to children and adults of a childlike disposition, with a pictures of a unicorn now stuck on the cover of a limited edition run of the company's "Fruit" Loops cereal. Read More >>

New Test Can Detect Traces of Horse Meat in Your Beef

As a species, we have largely categorised animals as Too Cute To Eat, Too Weird To Eat, or Meat. I do not understand these rules, because I think bugs, normally in the Too Weird category, and rabbit, normally in the Too Cute category, taste very good, while chickens (“Meat”) are terrifying salmonella dinosaurs. However, it is understandable to get mad when you are served a Too Cute meat when you thought you were getting Meat meat, or even if you’re served pork instead of beef. Heck, I would be mad if someone revealed that my stewed rabbit was actually stewed chicken all along. Read More >>

I Ate Wasps and Scorpions at New York’s First Bug Eating Festival

A single seared shrimp sat atop a scoop of mashed avocado with a healthy scoop of salty black specks overflowing onto the plate beside it. If I didn’t already know what I had gotten myself into, I would have been certain the topping was caviar—each spot popped just like a sturgeon egg might have. But rather than fishiness came an alien citrus flavour unlike any meat I’d ever tasted. After all, I was eating black ants. Read More >>

Fully Autonomous Shropshire Wheat Ready for Harvest

Robots are doing something useful for once in Shropshire, where a farm has started to harvest a crop of wheat that's been grown entirely by automated processes. All for us to eat. Thanks, robots. Read More >>

You’re Probably Not Gluten Intolerant

Before you jump on the gluten free bandwagon, a review has found that only a small proportion of people who claim to feel rubbish after eating gluten are likely to be truly sensitive to gluten or wheat. Read More >>

You Can Get Free Ice Cream Outside Charing Cross This Week

If you're in London Today and Thursday, you might want to head down to Charing Cross one afternoon. That's because ice cream maker Jude's is giving out tubs of caramel pecan flavour ice cream to 8,000 people. Read More >>

Will Your Next Taco Contain This Secret Ingredient? 

There’s some crazy meat industry propaganda video waiting to be made where a jock takes a bite out of a hamburger served by a polite waiter, who then rips off a mask to reveal the demented face of someone from the mushroom industry shouting “that burger is 50 per cent mushrooms,” after which the customer drops the burger in horror, and dies. If you make this video, please send it to me. Read More >>

High Carb or High Fat? Experts Weigh in on the Diet Debate

People with high carb diets are more likely to have poorer health than people with high fat diets, according to an international study of over 135,000 people from 18 countries. Read More >>

Researchers Claim Pork Products May Have Infected Thousands of People With Hepatitis E

Research from Public Health England has warned that one UK supermarket may have exposed thousands of people to the hepatitis E virus, thanks to infected pork from Europe. According to the research between 150,000 and 200,000 people end up infected every year. Read More >>

Would You Like Rights With That? McDonald’s UK Staff Could Strike for the First Time

40 McDonald's workers from two restaurants (one on Cambridge and the other in Crayford) are on the road to going on strike, after the Bakers', Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) announced it was balloting members. If that ballot is successful, it'll be the first time any of the fast food giant's employees have gone on strike in the UK. Read More >>

Deliveroo Celebrates Fry-Day by Giving Away Free Chips

Who doesn't love free food? I know I don't. If you're like me, you should be ecstatic to hear that Deliveroo is giving away free chips until midnight tonight. Read More >>

The Government Has it in for Pizzas Next

The government's health thinktank is preparing to launch a new series of finger-wagging attacks on the food the nation eats, with war about to be declared on the calorie content of pizzas, ready meals and burgers. Read More >>

The Poundland/Toblerone Legal Battle Rumbles On

Last month Poundland revealed that its Toblerone-like chocolate bar, dubbed 'Twin Peaks', had been delayed because Toblerone owner Mondelēz said threatened legal action as it felt Twin Peaks was too similar to its own triangular chocolate. Read More >>

BBC and C4 in Cookery Scheduling Custard Pie Fight

The bizarre TV cookery battle that's going on between the BBC and Channel 4 is still rumbling away, even now Bake Off and its BBC recreation are both about to be broadcast after a year of wrangling. Read More >>