Aldi is Launching Some Really Fancy Hot Cross Buns

It seems every national holiday is an excuse for bonkers new foods now, and while we're used to chocolate everything for Easter, Aldi has come up with something a bit different this year. (Are we really prepping for Easter already? We haven't even had Pancake Day yet. Grumble grumble.) Read More >>

Stop Everything: Green Tea KitKats Are Coming to the UK

Amazing news for everyone who likes collecting the delicious Japanese KitKat flavours we don't get in the UK: the green tea one is officially coming to these shores. Read More >>

What Year Is It? What Is Happening?

I don’t know how to live in a world where RoboCop is selling fried chicken. Read More >>

A Vegan Cream Egg is Set to be 2019’s Next Alt-Food Smash

This is a cream egg not a Creme Egg before you start, as it has nothing to do with the Cadbury option. It's a hand-injected or hand-slapped together independent cream-filled egg assembled by a family team in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, that is now available to buy online for the first time to satisfy the unmet Easter needs of vegans across the country. Read More >>

Aldi Trials Giving Extra Food to Charity

Good-guy Aldi has chosen 24 stores in the UK to donate extra food directly to charities in the North East, London and Yorkshire. Read More >>

Scientists Produce Rigorous Study of Why Grapes Spark in the Microwave

A paper published Monday in a well-known science journal begins with the following sentence: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a pair of grape hemispheres exposed to intense microwave radiation will spark, igniting a plasma.” A universally acknowledged truth indeed... but what causes this microwave marvel? Read More >>

Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll Leads to 10 Per Cent Profit Surge

Not everyone on the British high street is having a terrible time: beloved bakery Greggs has just improved its profit projections for the third time in as many months, and it's all down to the humble vegan sausage roll. Read More >>

All of NatWest is Sorry for Staff Member’s Vegan-Punching Verbal Rampage

NatWest has cranked up the apology machine and even gone so far as to issue financial compensation to a customer, after one of its staff members told a woman on the phone that "all vegans should be punched in the face." Read More >>

Harvester’s Made a Range of Wipe-Clean Clothes For London Fashion Week

Restaurant chain Harvester is an unlikely exhibitor at this year's London Fashion Week, but after the popularity of the DHL phone cases, we're taking nothing for granted. Read More >>

Patisserie Valerie Rescued By Not-Sports-Direct

Someone is icing a huge sponge cake with the words "THANK FUCK" as we speak, because Patisserie Valerie has been saved. Read More >>

I Followed the Planetary Health Diet During a Week of Sport and Travel. It Wasn’t Easy

When I signed up to eat the planetary health plate diet for 30 days, I forgot two small details: Super Bowl Sunday and I was being dispatched to the US state of Florida for a story halfway through my first week. You’ll be shocked to learn sticking to said diet has been a bit of a challenge. Read More >>

Can You Really Eat Mouldy Food Like Theresa May Reportedly Does?

Have you ever come across some particularly tasty food in the fridge, only to be bummed out that it’s all mouldy? Well, if you’re the Prime Minister it doesn’t faze you in the slightest. Read More >>

Sorry Snowflakes, Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll is Going Nationwide

Despite all the huge and potentially world-changing things going on in at the moment, a load of red-faced angerbots still found the time to chuck their toys out of the pram at the news that Greggs would offer a vegan sausage roll. Read More >>

Cadbury Cuts Mini Egg Sizes, Not So Much Prices

It probably won't surprise anyone who's been paying attention over the last few years, but "shrinkflation" is a thing now, and despite the confusing name it means things you like getting smaller while prices do not. In fact, sometimes the prices even go up. Read More >>

Valentine’s Themed Food Onslaught Continues With Asda’s Heart-Shaped Pizza

Supermarkets everywhere are trying to capitalise on our frugal natures these days, offering their own take on the romantic Valentine's Day dinner that would normally require a lot of effort or a trip to a nice restaurant. Asda is taking a slightly different approach, though. It's just launched a pizza shaped like a heart and decorated with smaller hearts. Because a regular round pizza just won't do. Read More >>