Plastic Straws are the “Ultimate in Wastefulness” and Should be Taxed to Death

The little plastic drinking straws that are the highlight of any trip to a pub or restaurant for a child are EVIL, it turns out, and should be taxed out of existence due to the fact that they're tough to recycle and are the sort of fiddly little thing it hardly seems worth recycling anyway, so off to the landfill site for the next million years they go. Read More >>

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If You Could Eat Human Meat, Would You Even Want To?

If there were no societal or cultural pressures to not eat human meat, would it even be good? We're not talking about taste and texture, but rather health and nutrition. Perhaps craving a slice of a particularly delicious-looking friend, AsapSCIENCE decided to tackle the issue in less than four minutes. Read More >>

Amazon Go Trademark Filings Hint Firm’s “Checkout-Free” Shops Could be UK-Bound

Amazon has already endured a rocky road trying to get its "checkout-free" grocery shops off the ground. The firm announced its first Amazon Go store last year, but technical problems meant the inaugural shop in Seattle has yet to open its doors to the public. Apparently, everything breaks if there are more than 20 customers inside the building at once. Bummer. Still, that hasn't deterred the retailer from filing several trademark applications in Britain, in what could be the first move to Amazon Go shops opening in the UK. Read More >>

Rejoice Gluttons, Facebook Now Lets You Order Food

Urge to overindulge... rising. Facebook's app now lets you buy meals. The new 'Order Food' option has just been rolled out in the States, and though Zuckerberg won't physically be rustling you up a mushroom risotto anytime soon, the app does find local restaurants near your abode, then allows you to order takeaway. Read More >>

Forget Bottle Lids, Pringles and Lucozade are the Real Nemeses of Recycling Centre

Some councils can be notoriously fussy about what can and can not go into the recycling bins. Especially mine, which doesn't allow glass or plastic packaging. But now we know who the real villains of your local recycling centre: Pringles cans and Lucozade Sport bottles. Read More >>

Judge Gives Nestle the Finger in Failed Kit Kat Trademark Case

The ongoing four-fingered confectionary turf war between Cadbury and Nestle has taken another turn against the maker of the Kit Kat, with the latest court ruling saying that Nestle can't expect to be allowed to trademark the four-fingered shape of its famous bar in the UK. Read More >>

McDonald’s Gets the Twee Advert Thing Massively Wrong

McDonald's has tried to do the thing that John Lewis does every Christmas, in assembling a sort of sad tale about life designed to make women cry a bit and therefore become loyal to the brand. But unfortunately for the burger chain, its pairing of childhood bereavement and meal deals is only getting people howling with rage. Read More >>

Media Goes Apeshit After One Guy Gets Ill Eating Sushi

Sushi is raw food. It is not cooked. Raw things are full of bacteria, and sometimes parasites, because animals have those things in their tissue. Sushi can get you sick. This should not be a surprise. Read More >>

Morrisons is Discounting Wonky Avocados, Because People are Stupid

Avocados are one of the 'in' foods at the moment, a period of time that also happens to coincide with a decreased supply caused by bad weather and worker strikes. Morrisons is attempting to meet demand by sourcing 'wonky' avocados that would otherwise go to waste, and selling them for a third of the price. Read More >>

Campaigners Want the Sugar Tax on Sweets as Well

Campaigners are already demanding that the Sugar Tax that's about to be added to overly sweet soft drinks should be expanded, with anti-sugar lobbyists suggesting that adding the levy to all confectionary and forcing manufacturers to reduce sugar or raise costs should be next. Read More >>

Watching Foods Deflate and Re-Inflate Has Left Me Starving and Confused

Mike Pelletier’s short film Still Life looks nothing like the classical paintings of bowls of fruit and flowers you’ll find in a stuffy art gallery. Using hyper-realistic computer animation, Pelletier’s film instead features fruits, vegetables, and breads that look like they’re secretly balloons as they deflate and then fill back up with air. Read More >>

Silicon Valley Can’t Stop Puking Money All Over Soylent

Soylent, a substance, is about to be everywhere. A team of queasy venture capitalists just invested $50 million into the company. This, despite the fact that Soylent is perhaps best known for lying about its ingredients and giving people fits of relentless vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhoea. Read More >>

ASDA Banana Spiders Force House Evacuation

That thing about deadly overseas spiders getting in the bananas and coming over here to panic the nation? It's happened again. It's happened to some poor woman in County Durham who had to get out of the house while Spiderbusters came in and nuked the place. Read More >>