Amazon Echo Now Lets You Automate The Ordering Part Of Gorging Yourself On Pizza

There isn't a machine to stuff the tasty circular food into your mouth yet, but thanks to Domino's, you can now order a pizza just by yelling at an inanimate object. The object in question is Amazon's Echo and the pizza will be whatever you want it to be. It does need to be set up first though, as it uses Domino's existing "favourite basket" to make the process quick. Read More >>

Toilet Rolls Deliver Eight Per Cent Fewer Wipes Than 2012

The Office for National Statistics has been collating the sizes and portions of the products sold to the nation, and has declared "shrinkflation" a very real phenomenon that's seen 2,529 things sold in the UK shrink in size when compared with the more generous package contents of the glorious, benchmark year of 2012, when everyone wanted to be in the UK and the Tolberones hadn't been eroded away by time. Read More >>

Ingenious AI Converts Images of Food Into a List of Ingredients

Researchers at MIT have developed deep-learning algorithm that can compile a list of ingredients and even recommend recipes after looking at photos of food. The artificially intelligent system still needs some fine tuning, but this tool could eventually help us learn to cook, count calories, and track our eating habits. Read More >>

Poundland Toblerone Clone Delayed Over Legal Threat

Poundland had a noble idea that would capture the hearts of the nation; rebuilding the damaged and laughable Brexit Toblerone. Going under the name of Twin Peaks and with a double-top mountain shape and no wide glacial valleys of shame between its edible mountains, the bar was set to launch in early July -- for £1 -- but has been delayed due to a legal threat from Toblerone maker Mondelez. Read More >>

MPs Promise War on Pretending to Get Sick From a Magaluf Hotel Buffet

A while ago we did a thing about British tourists going abroad, having a good time, then getting home and pretending to be sick in order to get a nice wedge of compensation from the hotel that did their catering. Well, Mr Feignington-Illness, that ruse is about to come to an end thanks to the GOVERNMENT. Read More >>

Junk Food Ads Banned From Sites Aimed at Children

New advertising rules come into place this weekend, designed to stem the flow of aspirational burgers and carbohydrate juices into the mouths of a generation. Read More >>

Weetabix and Weet-Bix in Entirely Predictable Trademark War

This is happening in New Zealand, where it appears that Weet-Bix is the dominant form of wheat-based cereal biscuits, with our familiar local Weetabix version relegated to mere import novelty for ex-pats. Hence Weetabix is the one that the makers of Weet-Bix want kicked out of the country or censored before being put on sale. Read More >>

Poo Bacteria Found in Costa and Starbucks Ice

Someone's been pooing in the supply chain again, with the latest victims of the 2017 poo-in-stuff crisis being national coffee titans Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero. Read More >>

A New Variety of Poppy Seed Won’t Make Drug Tests Think You’re an Addict

Bad news if you were hoping to beat a drug test by blaming it on your breakfast. A British company called FDL, a “global supplier of speciality ingredients,” is claiming to have developed a new type of poppy seed with reduced levels of morphine that won’t produce a false positive result on a drug test. Read More >>

Fake Food Poisoning Claims Could Get Brits Banned From All-in Holiday Deals

Suspiciously high numbers of claims of food poisoning when troughing out at the hotel buffet have been coming in, with only the British travellers complaining of becoming ill at some all-inclusive holiday destinations -- causing hotel operators to accuse us of becoming a nation of compensation-chasing liars. Read More >>

McDonalds Will Now Deliver In The UK – From These Restaurants

Big news in the world of fastfood today as McDonalds has announced that it is launching home delivery for the first time in London, Leeds and Nottingham. Read More >>

The Chemistry of Olive Oil Will Make You an Instant Food Snob

Dipping bread in a bowl of fresh, extra virgin olive oil ranks as one of the most pleasurable gastronomic experiences possible. But as this new Reactions video explains, there’s more to this delicious and surprisingly healthy condiment than meets the eye. Read More >>

Please Calm Down: Coconut Oil Is Fine

Who doesn’t love logging on to the good old ‘net on a Friday morning to the headline “Coconut oil ‘as unhealthy as beef fat and butter.’” It’s got everything. Ah, you might think, my favourite health product is as bad as butter! Or you might even say to yourself, those coconut oil-huffing liberals are really getting what’s coming to them! Read More >>

Soldiers Eat Loads of Cheese to Test Super-Hearing Hypothesis

Did your grandmother ever tell you to eat up all your cheese as it helps you hear better? Mine neither. But that's a hypothesis that is being tested by the US Army, which is forcing cheese proteins into soldiers in the hope they develop super hearing, or that their ears might better repair damage caused by being exposed to things blowing up. Read More >>

Bespoke Bakery Section Planned for the International Space Station

A team of German engineers is using a forthcoming mission to the ISS to solve one of the greatest problems that faces modern astronauts -- how to get good bread. Read More >>