Huge Quantities of Fugly Fruit And Veg Are Being Discarded Before They Ever Reach Supermarkets, New Study Finds

We've heard about the Ugly Duckling, but the Fugly Fennel? That's a new one on us. Apparently though, around a third of all fruit and veg grown across Europe never reach supermarkets as a result of being deemed too ugly for consumption. Read More >>

I Can’t Stop Thinking About How the Predator Would Eat Sushi

Consuming food is, for the most part, straightforward. The meal is put in the mouth, it moves through the oesophagus, it winds up in the stomach. Digestion occurs. But that’s because most creatures that consume food have a fairly straightforward anatomy that best suits their consumption needs. The Predator does not, and I can’t stop thinking about how the heck it would eat a piece of sushi. Read More >>

McDonald’s’ Latest Trial is to See Whether People Want Bacon on Their Cheesburgers

McDonald's double cheeseburger has been around for a long time, but recently it's been possible to add extras using the customisation menu on the self-service machines. Extras that include bacon, because as we all know adding bacon is like adding cheese - it's always an improvement. But now McDonald's is going to make it easier, by launching an official bacon double cheeseburger in select branches. Read More >>

Keto Diets Might Raise Type 2 Diabetes Risk—at Least in Mice

Ketogenic diets (keto for short) have become the fad health trend of the moment, with adherents claiming that they can help you lose and keep off weight faster than anything else, as well as provide a bevy of health benefits. But a new mouse study out of Switzerland suggests that keto diets might have an unintended effect on the ability to process insulin, which could possibly raise the risk of type 2 diabetes. The findings, however, may only be relevant to mice. Read More >>

KFC Naughty-Stepped for Advertising a Milkshake Near a School

The protectors of the children and the guardians of the advertising world have given KFC a telling off, after the meat fryer was caught advertising one of its presumably sugar-packed drink treats on a phone box near a school. Read More >>

One London McDonald’s is Offering a ‘VIP’ Table Service

The fact McDonald's offers table service is still a little bit bewildering to me, since you don't really got to a fast food joint to sit down and wait for someone to bring you a plastic tray covered in a miniature heart attack. But it seems the company is willing to see if things can be taken further, with a new 'VIP' table service. Read More >>

Man Banned From Being a Boss After Awarding Himself Five Stars

A restaurant owner from Derby has been banned from being a restaurant owner – or any other kind of business operator – for five years, after awarding his own restaurant an entirely authority-less five star review and advertising it in local press. Read More >>

Nandos is Giving Free Food to Teenagers With Exam Results Again, Starting Tomorrow in Scotland

It's summer, which means it's hot, painful to go outside, and we're on the brink of multiple news outlets publishing quotes claiming A Levels are too easy because teenagers can't possibly be that clever. Because everyone knows that Gen Z has had their brains rotted by Snapchat, Instagram, and all those other things that the loudest oldies don't fully understand. Summer also means Nandos is back to giving away free food to A Level students. Read More >>

Lidl’s the Latest Supermarket to Offer Wonky Fruit and Veg Boxes, Only Wants £1.50 for 5kg

In the past supermarkets have been really picky about the quality of food they stock. Or rather, they only want the perfectly shaped blemish-free produce that looks pretty on the shelves. Unfortunately plants don't work that way and do come out in all sorts of wonky shapes. In a bid to cut down on waste a number of them have been offering 'wonky veg boxes' at a low price, in an attempt to get people buying and Lidl has just joined their ranks. Read More >>

The Latest Hot Summer Food-Shortage Scare Involves Brussels Sprouts

The past several weeks have seen plenty of stories about how our obnoxiously hot and dry summer will lead to shortages of various foods, including cheese and onion crisps, cheese, peas, and even Christmas trees. Now there's a new product to worry about, with a similarly Christmassy theme. Turns out we might be short of sprouts this Christmas. Read More >>

Scots Still Eat What They Damn Well Like

Researchers looking into the effects of the endless healthy food messaging that's been thrown at us over the recent years have some bad news from the lands north of the border, where not much has changed. Square sausages and bacon have not yet been hounded out of popularity, and five-a-day still mostly refers to bottles of Irn-Bru. Although some of them are sugar-free now. Read More >>

Cheese and Onion Crisps Added to Heatwave Shortage List

Farmers are warning that the hot weather has impacted the nation's onion harvest now as well as threatening the potato crop, so... Jesus Christ they might start running out of cheese and onion crisps. Read More >>

The Good News is at Least the Chillies Will be Spicier

Something good's coming from the heatwave that's dried out most of the country, with the nation's main supermarket supplier of chillies saying that those grown during this fierce and spicy UK summer will end up tasting fiercer and spicier too. Read More >>

Aldi’s Back to Selling Wagyu Steaks for £8

You may have heard of Wagyu beef, the horrendously priced steak from Japan from cattle that have been fed special diets. The stuff is highly sought after for the marbling effect, with flecks of fat spread throughout the meat giving it a unique taste. That tends to make it very expensive, and hard to come by, especially if you're buying the genuine article.  Unless, of course, you're buying something similar from Aldi. Read More >>

Researchers Worked Out 7PM is Peak Takeaway Time

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to order a takeaway and avoid the rush of other people who are getting their fix of greasy junk food? According to researchers the most popular time to order in food is 7pm, and that's a trend that's not just restricted to the UK. Read More >>