Gentrified Cornwall Wants £10 for a Posher Pasty

A Cornish pasty producer thinks he's onto a winner with a concept for a posher type of pasty, with the new recipe including such non-traditional ingredients as crab, a creamy white wine sauce and seaweed. Yours for a promotional period price of £8.75 before it goes up to £10.95 when the tourists roll up in their Range Rovers and blow the dust off their spare houses this summer. Read More >>

Who on Earth Taught You People How to Eat?

Depending on where you’re eating and who you’re eating it with, the rules around food can be stunningly complex. The core concept, however, is that food is inserted into the mouth, and once it’s there, if you find it impossible to masticate with human teeth or discover the object to be a source of pain/bleeding, an error in judgement has been made. Spit it out and try a new approach. Not food. Read More >>

Planet Hollywood’s London Prices are Taking a Trip Back in Time Today

Planet Hollywood has been around for a long time, and even though it never had the same kind of reputation as the likes of the Hard Rock Cafe it's still out there doing its thing - letting people at and drink while surrounded by film props and memorabilia. The London branch is still going strong after 25 years of business, and to celebrate that fact all the prices are taking a trip back in time to 1993. But only today. Read More >>

Coming Soon: Waves of Royal Wedding-Themed KFC Buckets Selling for Outrageous Money

The Royal Wedding is on Saturday, which finally means we can be done with the hype that's being generated in the run up to two vaguely famous people standing in a church declaring they want to grow old together. We can move onto the more important things, like complaining about how the tabloids singled out a single female guest and aimed all their lecherous feelings at her. It'll certainly be the end of weird tie-in products, like KFC's Royal Wedding-theme buckets that will no doubt end up flooding eBay in the coming weeks. Read More >>

The World Health Organization Just Declared War on Trans Fats

The World Health Organization has announced a comprehensive plan to eliminate industrially produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply by 2023. It’s a good idea — but the five-year plan may be overly ambitious. Read More >>

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Digestives are the Only Good Thing to Come From This ‘Royal Wedding’ Malarkey

On Saturday a wedding is happening, with a member of the royal family marrying a woman who is neither royalty nor British. Because that's totally relevant, guys. Unfortunately because Prince Harry isn't as important as his brother, the government decided we weren't allowed an extra bank holiday like last time. Read More >>

Americans Fail to Understand They Didn’t Invent All Food

There are countries all over the world that will adamantly declare that anything good in the world was created by them. The English are definitely guilty of that, but the Americans out there tend to take things to an extreme. Currently there's a bit of outrage going on on Twitter about the great Yorkshire Pudding, but America apparently has its own version that they're claiming to have invented all by themselves. Read More >>

Junk Food Ads Could be Banned From London’s Tubes and Buses

London's mayor has decided it's time to get angry about kids eating burgers, and he's so angry he wants to order Transport for London to stop accepting adverts for junk food across the city's rail and bus networks. Read More >>

Japanese PM Made to Eat Pudding From a Shoe

A posh chef had an interesting idea for a thing to do at a high-profile diplomatic dinner – serve a selection of post-dinner sweets in a shoe. Not just any shoe, but an aluminium cast brogue. How clever. Hence a photo of Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe doing quite a believable smile with a shoe in front of him on the dinner table. Read More >>

What’s The Poshest Supermarket? We Crunched The Numbers To Find Out

Class is a deeply embedded part of British society. Though it isn’t just about what school you went to, or whether you spend your weekends hunting foxes or racing dogs: it’s also where you shop. Read More >>

Wait, My Lego Toys Could Have Been Making Me Breakfast All These Years?

Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day, but it’s also arguably hardest to make. Can you really trust yourself to safely use a hot stove while you’re still half asleep? Obviously not, and why go to all that effort when you can build a Lego machine to make you bacon and eggs while you catch a few extra minutes of shuteye. Read More >>

White £2k Creme Egg Remains Lost in Distribution Chain

Sorry to go mentioning easter in early May when you're trying to forget chocolate exists in order to fit in your video game t-shirts again, but it's to do with that white Creme Egg promotion. Cadbury says no one ever came forward to claim the £2k prize, so all of those ruined eggs that had their skins peeled back were rifled through in vain. Read More >>

There’s a New Version of Marmite, With Less Salt

Marmite revels in the fact that it's such a divisive product, constantly poking fun at how people never really have mixed feelings about their products. But people have decidely mixed feelings about the newest addition to the family: Marmite Reduced Salt. Read More >>

11 McDonald’s Workers Are on Strike Today

Burger chain McDonald's is being hit by strike action in the UK today, although it's unlikely any customers are likely to be too inconvenienced come feeding time as just 11 staff across the nation are joining in with the action. Read More >>

Just Eat is Offering Free Catering to Anyone Getting Married on Royal Wedding Day

May 19th is a special day, because the people of Windsor are going to find it damn near impossible to do anything in the centre of their town. It's Royal Wedding day, and while the government was too stingy to give us an extra day off work so we can pretend to be royalists the pubs will be staying open late. Just Eat is also getting in on things with its latest publicity stunt, offering free catering to anyone getting married on 19th May. Read More >>