Morrisons’ Footlong Sausage Roll is a £1 Ticket to Obesity

Do you love pastry-based food, and the inevitable obesity that comes from eating too many? Step aside Greggs drive-thru, because there's a new player in town. Morrisons' £1 footlong sausage roll. Read More >>

No One Wants To Drink A Steak

Back in the day I used to read games magazines instead of writing for them. There was this advertisement. Don’t tell me advertising doesn’t work. Don’t tell me you’re not influenced by advertising, because goddammit this ad is like 12 years old and its emblazoned in my being like a sub-par tattoo. Read More >>

Wimbledon’s Strawberries are Growing Underground

This year's fruity Wimbledon treat for attendees is being sourced from a new provider not too far away from the tennis hotbed, via a farm a few miles away -- and a few metres below -- the famous venue. Read More >>

How Instagram Convinces Us to Eat Terrible-Tasting Food

San Francisco is a city of long queues, and on a Saturday afternoon few queues are longer than the one in front of the Chocolate Chair in Japantown. The Chocolate Chair’s specialty is Dragon’s Breath, neon-coloured balls of puffed rice cereal soaked in liquid nitrogen. When you take a bite, the nitrogen-infusion fills your mouth with a dense, smoke-like gas. Breathe the gas out through your nose or mouth, and voilà, man becomes dragon. Read More >>

Crashed Enterprise Is a Gingerbread Masterpiece

‘Tis the season to recreate classic pop-culture references using the age-old medium of gingerbread, frosting, and sweets, but Redditor ejustice has boldly gone where no gingerbread engineer has gone before. Read More >>

E Coli Outbreak Linked to Salad Leaves Leads to Two UK Deaths

The mini-heatwave the UK is currently experiencing makes it perfect weather for an easy (read – lazy) salad-based lunch or dinner. But don't let that heatwave drowsiness make you skip the important step of washing those leaves first – an E coli outbreak in the UK is being linked to unwashed mixed leaf salads by health watchdogs. Read More >>

You Can Eat This Delicious VR Headset

In contrast to the fancy, expensive, and much-delayed VR headsets out there, Google Cardboard is refreshingly simple. So simple in fact, that the entire thing can be made from food with no loss of quality, as proven by Make. Read More >>

New Food Labels Would Tell You How Long It Takes to Burn Off Calories

Food labels are notoriously confusing—but what if they simply told you how long it might take to burn off the calories you’re about to consume? Read More >>

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The Best Breakfast Gadgets

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as the saying goes. Even if you don't agree, you can't deny that breakfast food is pretty damn delicious. It is the best food. Except maybe a pizza after excessive drinking. Read More >>

A Hot Breakfast Looks Even More Delicious Under a Thermal Camera

Scrape the sleep out of your eyes because even the most quotidian breakfast foods look like insane NASA photos through a thermal camera. Read More >>

Don’t Eat That Mars Bar! Massive Chocolate Recall Over Plastic Contamination

Stop! Don't do it! That Mars bar in your lunchbox may be mighty tempting, but it might not be safe; US chocolate giant Mars has ordered a massive, 55 country-wide product recall, after plastic was found in one of its chocolate bars. Read More >>

24 of the Most Delicious Food GIFs of 2015

Our eyes got fat in 2015. With all kinds of yummy GIFs and daring food porn and meals that looked so good we considered eating our laptops and monitors in hopes of tasting the visual deliciousness, it was a hunger inducing year for eyeballs. Here are some of the best food GIFs we made in 2015. Read More >>

How Candy Canes are Made

With a helluva lot of sugar and a helluva lot of machinery. That’s what it takes to make candy canes and it’s very close to being a magical process, as taking something as large as what candy canes start at and shaping it down to the classic skinny hook is so very impressive. Read More >>