Sky Insists That People Can’t Watch Pirate Football Streams in the UK Anymore [Updated]

Update (09/11): So it turns out the official report coming out of CASBAA wasn't quite accurate. And by that I mean it was missing a bunch of words that completely change the context of what Matthew Hibbert was saying. Here's the correct quote: Read More >>

FIFA Confirms the 2018 World Cup Will be Available in UHD, HDR, and VR

It's that time of decade again, with the World Cup set to kick off in Russia next year. Gearing up for the big event, FIFA has just confirmed that all matches will be available for broadcast in UHD HDR, and 360-degree virtual reality. So whether you want to watch the games on your new state of the art TV, or inside a headset of some sort, you should be covered. Read More >>

2017 Football/Poppy Scandal Averted

There won't be any shocking headlines about the footballing authorities demanding Our Boys stop wearing poppies on their football shirts this year, as the governing trough-eaters at FIFA have lifted the long-running ban on displaying anything other than money-paying sponsors on team shirts. Read More >>

The Premier League’s Latest Round of Blocking is Disrupting Pirate Kodi Streams

The Premier League has been fighting against the new waves of Kodi-enabled pirate IPTV streams for a while now, recently gaining a new temporary injunction to take them down quicker than it could before. Looks like they're getting right on it, and if Saturday was anything to go by, football pirates are going to have a hard time not paying full price for their sport this season. Read More >>

Data Science Reveals That Lionel Messi Is Europe’s Most Overpaid Footballer

Football is an expensive business. Even after players have been bought for an enormous transfer fee (Paul Pogba currently holds the record at £89m), wages are astronomical. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo earns £424,615 every week. Not bad work if you can get it. Read More >>

Premier League Will Shut Down Kodi Plugins And Other IPTV Much Quicker This Year

The English Premier League is worried about streams that broadcast football games for free, so it will apply in advance for an injunction to stop illegal streamers. Read More >>

To Combat Kodi Pirates, The Premier League May Stream Its Own Matches

With the various addons and plugins for Kodi you can stream just about anything, from movies to live football. The latter has everyone panicked because four years of the Premier League's global broadcasting rights are worth around £8.3 billion. BT and Sky both currently pay for broadcast rights, and to stream the matches via their own apps and spin-off services like Now TV. The costs of this have driven some users to try and illegally stream the sports without paying. Read More >>

Kodi Addons Have Stalled UK Reduction In TV, Movie And Sport Piracy

The entertainment industry is big business, and it has the ear of the government. People like Murdoch use their papers to win favour with those in charge, then make demands on policy - particularly when it comes to punishing those who steal intellectual property. We're now capable of imprisoning someone for 10 years for copyright infringement, a sentence more than several crimes that involve hurting other humans physically. Read More >>

Premier League and ISPs Negotiate Live Football Streaming Block

The Premier League and the ISPs aren't exactly at war over the availability of illegal live streams of football, as they've been working together to agree on the wording of a court order that hands the PL the power to block servers responsible for seeding live streams that rebroadcast paywalled matches for free. Read More >>

Chelsea’s Ugly New Football Portal Wins Approval

Football would still appear to be popular, as the pen-pushers in London have said yes to Chelsea's plan to build a new stadium that can fit even more idol worshippers inside it. But still only 22 of the richest ones will be allowed to sit on the grassy bit in the middle, which isn't very inclusive. Read More >>

BT Spends £1.2bn on Keeping European Football a Secret

BT, the telephones company that will be thought of as a telephones company forever whether it likes it or not, is still trying to pretend it's secretly been a TV broadcaster all along. It's agreed to spend a staggering £1.18bn on keeping the rights to the European Championship League football tournament for another three years, for the benefit of a handful of men who can be bothered jumping through its app and streaming hoops to see it. Read More >>

Super Bowl Spammer Tricks Google’s Top Stories Module

Last night was the Super Bowl, a sporting event enjoyed by many. As Google search traffic goes, it’s also a fucking goldmine—which explains why a LinkedIn blogger wrote over 150 junk articles on how to stream it. Read More >>

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Slo-Mo Footage of an Exploding American Football is Far Better Than the Super Bowl

If you’re finding it hard to wait until Sunday for the only day Britain is legally allowed to care about NFL, The Slow Mo Guys have something that should tide you over: They used a Phantom V2511 high-speed camera to film a severely overinflated American football at 28,000 frames per second. Read More >>

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You Can Make a Wooden Soccer Ball With Some Masterful Carpentry

You won’t want to actually kick it around without wearing steel-toed shoes, but Russian carpenter Vladimir Zhilenko makes turning a bunch of wooden pentagons into a perfectly-round soccer ball look incredibly easy. The final sanding looks especially satisfying, assuming you don’t accidentally sand away your fingertips in the process. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>

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Watch a Football Slam Into This Guy’s Head in Super Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys have come up with some wonderfully original experiments to film with their high-speed camera. But the footage they capture is always the most fascinating, or excruciating, when they turn their slo-mo camera on themselves. Read More >>