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All the Glorious New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Toys Revealed for Force Friday II

There has been an awakening, Star Wars fans—one that threatens the structural integrity of your wallet far more than it does the galaxy far, far away. That’s right: it’s Force Friday II, meaning that from 12:01 am tonight, September 1, the very first toys from The Last Jedi are going on sale. Get a look at everything we know will be available. Read More >>

Propel Star Wars Battling Drone (2017) Review: Shameless Cash Grab This Ain’t

Drones! Star Wars! It seems like a match made in heaven, given how iconic some of the saga's ships are. Who wouldn't want a TIE fighter or an X-Wing to fly around? Anyone who says no clearly isn't a big fan, and probably watches Star Trek or something (...actually, some proper Trek drones would be very cool). Read More >>