Google Walkout Organisers Demand an End to Forced Arbitration Industry-Wide

The burgeoning fight to bring tech workers’ employment issues out of the darkness and into the public light grew further on Monday as a group of Google employees demanded the industry eliminate forced arbitration agreements entirely. Read More >>

After Google’s Historic Walkout, One of Tech’s Big Problems Is Still Being Ignored

Last month, thousands of staffers walked out of Google offices around the world calling for a more inclusive company culture built around “equity, dignity, and respect.” Among the walkout organisers’ five demands was for the company to end forced arbitration for both harassment and discrimination claims. The company only eliminated the former. Read More >>

eBay and Airbnb Join Tech Giants in Banning Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Cases

Just over a week after the massive Google walkout, some tech companies are taking strides toward ending a commonly used practice in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to keep disputes out of the limelight. And on Monday, it was revealed that two more companies followed suit. Read More >>