Ford Wants to Become a London Bus Company

Ford, the car company, wants to become Ford, the bus company. In London, at least, where it's been granted approval to start operating trials of a limited, pre-book, communal, minibus-version-of-Uber kind of thing. Read More >>

Ford Will Let You Know Before An Ambulance Is Screaming Past You

The emergency services have by far the toughest job on our roads: they need to navigate through a minefield of traffic, at speed — and that's before they get to the scene of whatever accident they're attending. New Ford tech helps regular drivers know when a police car, ambulance or fire engine is coming up behind them, so they can pull over more quickly and safely and help save lives. Read More >>

Jaguar to Test Self-Driving Cars on UK Roads This Year

The Autodrive group, which consists of carmakers Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors and lots of smaller tech companies and insurers, has been given the go-ahead to test self-driving cars on public roads in the UK this year. Read More >>

Driver Accidentally Gassed Himself and a Passenger With DIY Car Mods

A driver from Chelmsford accidentally killed himself and a passenger in his Ford Fiesta, after DIY modifications led to a massive increase in the amount of engine fumes entering the compartment. Read More >>

Ford Cars Will Now Brake For You If You’re Going To Hit Someone At Night

Ford is introducing new technology that detects people walking into the road at night, warns the driver, and automatically brakes if they don't stop. Read More >>

Ford Is Testing 3D Printed Car Parts

Ford is exploring how large one-piece auto parts, like car spoilers, could be printed for prototyping and future production vehicles, as the first automaker to pilot the Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer. Read More >>

Ford Is Spending $1 Billion On A New Self-Driving Car Project

Argo AI is the focus of a one billion investment over the next five years from Ford, in a bid to collaborate on the car maker's autonomous vehicle offering. Read More >>

Ford Hires Saboteurs to Break Cars on Purpose

Car company Ford says it's been using some staff to take on the role of "Gremlins" within the business -- asking them to deliberately install parts of its cars the wrong way round and not tight enough so it can check how well everyone's scrutinising the finished articles. Oh so clever. Read More >>

Ford and Jaguar Land Rover Want to Help You Avoid Red Lights

Ford has announced something it calls the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, which sounds nowhere near as appealing as it should. It’s a special system designed to help you avoid red lights, and relies on communications between your car and roadside infrastructure. Read More >>

driverless cars
Ford’s Promised to Mass-Produce Driverless Cars Without Steering Wheels in 2021

Ford has put its neck on the line and said it will roll out autonomous cars without pedals or steering wheels in 2021. Read More >>

Ford Chief Says the Spirit of the Apple Car Spurs the Company On

If Apple doesn’t go on to make a car now, the world’s going to feel incredibly disappointed. Ford CEO Mark Fields has sprayed a load of fuel onto the already-quite-large fire by talking up the chances of Apple launching a car. Read More >>

Ford’s Testing its Autonomous Cars in the Dark

If you don’t enjoy driving in the dark, Ford’s latest autonomous car tests might cheer you up. The company’s announced that it’s been successfully testing its cars at nighttime, a scenario that brings its own set of fairly obvious challenges for self-driving vehicles. Read More >>

The Nightmare That is Reversing a Trailer Just Got Easier

Reversing into a parking space is an tough challenge for many drivers. How about reversing while also towing a trailer? That at least could get a little easier with a nifty feature on the upcoming 2017 Ford Super Duty pickup, called Trailer Reverse Guidance. Read More >>

Ford Just Patented an Absurd Movie Screen Windshield 

If Ford has its way, we’ll all be comfortably watching porn (or a nice film) while hurtling along the motorway at 70 miles-per-hour. Read More >>

Autonomous Cars Could and Should Kill Off the Driving Test, Says Ford

As a non-driver, the potential to drive around without actually driving or even being able to is what’s got me most excited about autonomous cars. That would be lovely. I’ve already been in touch with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, asking the organisation how rights and the driving test may change, as self-driving cars become more prevalent. No answer. Follow-up. Can’t help you mate. Fortunately, Ford had a little more to say on the matter. Read More >>