Not Even a Fire-Loving Bird Can Handle Climate Change’s Heat

Fire is central in the world of black-backed woodpeckers, to the point that the birds pick cavities in recently burned trees to make their nests. But new research suggests that even these fire enthusiasts aren’t able to handle the inferno climate change is already dishing out. Read More >>

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Humans Have Transformed 70% of Land on Earth. We Have a Choice for What We Do Next

In what feels like it’s becoming a regular ritual in self-flagellation, scientists have released a new special report documenting the perilous state of our planet. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report focuses on how humans have transformed the very land we depend on for our survival. Read More >>

New “Northern Forest” to Cover the Troublesome Non-London Bits of the Country

Instead of building train tracks and roads and tunnels and loads of expensive cycleways up there, the government's had a much better idea about what to do with the north -- cover it in trees and say it's a forest. Forests don't need massively expensive east/west rail links or hospitals. Job done. Read More >>

Here Are the Trees That Will Start to Vanish Thanks to Climate Change

The natural world is changing in significant ways thanks to human-caused climate change. While some species are flourishing, others are already gone forever. Now scientists are looking specifically at how US forests will transform due to the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Bye, Eastern hemlock, it was nice knowing ya. Read More >>

Ikea is Buying Up Whole Forests, and So is Apple

Ikea bought 83,000 acres of forest last month. In April, Apple bought 36,000 acres. What’s the reasoning behind these retail giants buying their own forests? To manage them. Read More >>

Gorgeous Photos Capture Smoke Bombs and Pyrotechnics As They Explode

We all know how it feels. A flame hits the fuse, and sparks spray into the cool night-time air. Your jaw goes slack and your eyes wide when you hear the boom and smell the smoke. Well, this is how that feeling looks. Read More >>

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This is What Deforestation Looks Like From Space

The city of Boca do Acre is a beautiful place to live, almost completely covered by the Amazon Rainforest—for now. Because you shouldn't be fooled by the pretty colours in this image: it actually reveals the rapid rate of deforestation in the area. Read More >>