Fortnite World Cup Was Watched By About as Many People as Holby City

The world's first Fortnite World Cup will definitely not be the last Fortnite World Cup, as game maker Epic is claiming a massive ratings victory for the event – if you count distracted internet streaming as actual eyeballs-on data. Read More >>

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Fortnite’s Creator Just Gave Us a Good Reason to Take It Seriously as a Social Media Company

Even if the days of your youth are long past, chances are you know Fortnite and that flossing dance are popular with the kids. Building on that success, Epic Games—the company behind Fortnite and creator of Unreal Engine—just acquired Houseparty, a social video app popular with teens. Read More >>

Fortnite Won

Fortnite did it. The battle royale game, which has become wildly popular over the last year, appears to have finally led to Sony’s capitulation. Because Sony, which has refused to play nice with other gaming platforms, will now offer cross-play, and the first game getting support is Fortnite. Read More >>

Fortnite is Being Blamed For a Rising Number of UK Divorces

Yeah, you read that right: Fortnite, the multiplayer battle royale game that's taken the world by storm, is allegedly responsible for much more than distracting swathes of school children: it's breaking up marriages, too. According to a blog published by Divorce Online, the company has received 200 divorce petitions citing "addiction to Fortnite" as a reason for divorce. Those 200 petitions make up roughly 5% of the cases handled by the company since January 2018. Read More >>

Please Don’t Download Fortnite for Android From Sketchy Places

When Fortnite developer Epic Games decided to skip the Google Play Store and asked players to install the newly released Android app from its website instead, the decision made a lot of sense financially. By cutting out Google, Epic could now retain 100 percent of the game’s profits on Android, rather than let Google take its traditional 30 per cent cut for apps hosted on Google Play. Read More >>

Here’s How to Get Fortnite on Your Android Phone

After months of waiting, Fortnite, the most popular game on the planet, is finally ready for its debut on Android. Unfortunately, when the news was first announced alongside the Galaxy Note 9's launch last week, there were a couple catches. Read More >>

Fortnite Comes To Android – And Samsung Note 9 Owners Get It First

Hey, you know that thing you don't understand that all the kids like? Today, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite is finally coming to Android - with Samsung owners at the front of the queue. Read More >>