The Best Thing About This Smartwatch Is the Strap

There’s no shortage of stylish Wear OS watches—it’s literally Fossil’s main reason for existing at this point. The company and its small army of designer brands make up the bulk of Android-friendly smartwatches out there. The problem is, they’re all functionally interchangeable. They run the same software, sport the same features, with maybe one or two proprietary apps that make you go: “Huh, well, that’s kind of new I guess.” This is all largely true of the Skagen Falster 3, but there’s one thing I absolutely love about it: the strap. Read More >>

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The 11 Best Gadgets of 2019 to Get You Excited About 2020

We’re in a pretty stable place right now when it comes to gadgets. For the most part, we’re currently stuck in a cycle of continuous, minute iterations to the same ol’ tech and it’s hard to get excited about that. But the gadgets below didn’t just end up being our favourites, they also did a good job of getting us hyped up for what’s ahead. Yes, there were disasters this year – one of the products on this list even started out as such! That said, these are some of the very best gadgets of 2019. You might disagree, but you would be wrong. Read More >>

What to Buy Instead of a Fitbit

Since Google bought Fitbit, people seem to have fallen into one of two categories: Those who don’t care at all about the privacy implications, and those very much do. For the latter, it means this holiday season is a good chance to jump on sales and buy a replacement smartwatch or tracker. But which one? Read More >>

Fossil Dips Back Into Hybrids With a Feature Filled Watch I Might Wear

In the world of smartwatches, Fossil is best known for being Google’s main partner for Wear OS watches. Today, it’s taking a step out from Google’s shadow with a new hybrid analogue watch, the Hybrid HR. And, as the name suggests, the Hybrid HR adds integrated heart rate monitoring, plus a hybrid display that smartwatch fans can actually appreciate. Read More >>

Misfit’s New Vapor X Smartwatch Looks Very Promising

The first Misfit Vapor was nearly vaporware. Its successor, the Vapor 2, tried to fix the original smartwatch’s issues but was ultimately hindered by an outdated processor. Today, Misfit launched its third stab at a smartwatch with the Vapor X – and at least on paper, it looks like it could be a substantial improvement over its predecessor Read More >>

A New Processor Means Fossil’s Smartwatches Might Be Getting Good

Remember when we were all hopeful that Qualcomm releasing the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip would mean better, faster, longer-lasting Wear OS wearables? Well a year on, turns out it was just a dream as most Wear OS watches are still running that busted old 2100 chip. But today, Fossil is launching its Gen 5 smartwatches—all powered by the 3100, and featuring some new battery modes, a swim-proof speaker, and beefed-up heart rate tracking. Read More >>

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CES 2019: Fossil’s Kate Spade Smartwatch Finally Isn’t Just Dumb Wrist Candy

At CES, you can always count on Fossil to show up to Las Vegas with an army of smartwatches. The same is true this year, but now the star of the lineup is the new version of Fossil’s Kate Spade scalloped touchscreen smartwatch. Read More >>

Looking For a Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker? These Are the Best You Can Buy

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and even jewellery – if it’s technology you can wear, we’ve reviewed it. Whether you’re an Apple diehard or you love Android, these are the wearables you should bother with. Read More >>

Fossil’s New Wear OS Watch Isn’t Trash, and That’s Huge

The hunt for a truly great and iconic Wear OS smartwatch is still on—but in the meantime, you could do a hell of a lot worse than the Fossil Sport. Thanks to the newer Snapdragon 3100 processor, the Sport finally has most of the features you expect a 2018 smartwatch to have. Namely, heart rate monitoring, standalone GPS, a better fitness interface, and (slightly) longer battery life. Read More >>

The Fossil Sport Might Be a Wear OS Watch That Doesn’t Suck

I have a lot of Apple-hating friends who are always asking me: “What’s the best Wear OS smartwatch?” And I always say the same thing: They’re all bad. That said, the Fossil Sport could be the first contender for the title. Read More >>

People Only Want Fossil’s Fashion Smartwatches If They’re Cheap as Hell

Fossil, a company that makes both analogue timepieces and smartwatches, reported its earnings last night and the results weren’t great. Not only did the watchmaker miss analyst estimates for Q4 2016, its outlook for 2017 is fairly bleak. CNBC reports that the stock is down nearly 20 per cent. Read More >>

The Q Founder Is Fossil’s First Android Wear Watch, Seems Pretty Average

For the past year or so, the smartwatch revolution has belonged exclusively to tech companies, who are better at designing electronics than fashion wearables. But earlier this month, Tag Heuer finally released its first Android Wear smartwatch, and Fossil isn’t far behind. Read More >>

New Challenger Approaching: Fossil Shows Off New Android Wear Watch

At the Intel Developers Conference—the company’s chance once per year to talk about more than just chips (but also chips)—Fossil along with Intel took the covers off its first wearable, an Android Wear smartwatch that still remains mysteriously unnamed. Read More >>

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Watch a 500,000-Year-Old Mammoth Get its First X-Ray

This photo shows staff members from Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) and the San Diego Natural History Museum who are X-raying a 500,000-year-old mammoth skull fragment in the NMCSD radiology department on Monday. Man, those are some pretty massive teeth. Read More >>

What an Intel and Fossil Team Up Could Mean for Smartwatches

Smartwatches are infinitely fascinating. For one, their growth is incredible. This time last year, we had Samsung's overpriced Gear, Pebble, and a Sony timepiece or two. Now we have Android Wear and a dozen options to choose from, and possibly the biggest game changer will be revealed in less than 36 hours. Read More >>