Apple and Foxconn Accused of Breaking Labour Laws in China to Produce iPhones

Apple and Foxconn have been accused of violating labour laws at a factory where the tech giants are producing the new iPhone, according to a new report from China Labor Watch. Additionally, the nonprofit watchdog alleges that workers at the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou, the largest iPhone factory in the world, are working extreme overtime hours in violation of local laws. Read More >>

Apple Contemplates Moving 15 to 30% of Production Capacity Outside of China Over Trade War: Report

Apple is exploring a shift of anywhere from 15 percent to 30 percent of its production capacity outside of China to somewhere in Southeast Asia, according to a new report from the Nikkei Asia Review. The potential move is getting billed as a “fundamental restructuring” of Apple’s supply chain. Read More >>

Apple Parts Maker Foxconn Is Scooping Up Belkin’s Entire Portfolio

While Belkin has been around for over 35 years, recently the company’s main source of success has come through designing a wide range of Apple-friendly accessories for products like the iPhone. But now, Belkin and its sub-brands, including router-maker Linksys and home automation brand Wemo, will be entering a new phase of life after getting purchased by Apple parts manufacturer Foxconn. Read More >>

Foxconn Reportedly Used Illegal Student Labour to Manufacture iPhone Xs

Hon Hai Precision Industry, more commonly known as Foxconn, came into the public consciousness earlier this decade when a salvo of exposés described the degrading and often dangerous conditions its poorly-paid workers endured to build expensive trinkets like the iPhone. Today, the Financial Times reports that illegal labour practices persist. Read More >>

Foxconn Might Build a US Factory But that Doesn’t Mean iPhones Will Get Made There

Reports from The Wall Street Journal the Nikkei Asian Review indicate that Foxconn, the manufacturer that assembles iPhones for Apple, is considering building a $7 billion display factory in the United States. Read More >>

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Intel’s Incredibly Tiny Compute Card Could Soon Run Your Entire Life

The Intel Compute Card is tiny. It’s has a motherboard, memory, storage, wi-fi radio, and can even pack Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processor. Yet it’s only about with size and thickness of a few credit cards. You insert it into any dumb monitor and instantly have a computer as powerful as your laptop. Read More >>

Foxconn Employee Steals £1.23 Million in iPhones Before Getting Caught

We’ve all stolen things from work—pencils, pens, maybe a notebook—but this Foxconn employee went a little too far. According to AsiaOne, a former senior manager at the world’s largest electronics maker and assembler was charged with stealing and selling 5,700 iPhones for a value of about £1.23 million. Read More >>

Microsoft is Selling Off its Feature Phone Division

Microsoft has announced that it’s selling its feature phone division to Foxconn for the princely sum of $350 million (£243m). Read More >>

Wait a Sec, Foxconn’s Massive Sharp Takeover Has Been Put on Hold

Hold your horses, that massive deal between Foxconn and Sharp doesn’t seem to have gone through yet. According to new reports, the Taiwanese firm is delaying the completion of the takeover, due to fresh information regarding Sharp’s future financial risk. While the Japanese outfit’s annual report flags up ¥17.2 billion (£109 million) in contingent liabilities -- costs it may face in the future, depending on lawsuits, contracts and other variables -- the figure may in fact lie at the ¥350 billion (£2.2 billion) mark. Read More >>

Report: Major Apple Manufacturer Foxconn Has Bought Sharp For £4.4 Billion

Foxconn is best known as the sometimes-controversial Taiwanese manufacturer used by Apple to assemble iPhones. Sharp is an ailing Japanese company that used to make plasma TVs, and now makes iPhone displays. Read More >>

Foxconn Binning Staff as Growth Stalls

Foxconn, the universal maker of everything with a battery inside it, is cutting staff levels in response to slower demand. Given that it employs a staggering 1.3 million people at peak production periods, it's hardly likely to shrink from view. Read More >>

Foxconn’s iPhone-Making Robots Said to Have Failed Apple’s Quality Control

Foxconn's plan to outsource iPhone production to robots appears to be off to a rocky start, with sources suggesting the first batch of robot-assembled phones have not passed Apple's quality control tests. Read More >>

iPhone Sapphire Display Rumours Reborn With Foxconn Supposedly on the Case

Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer of all our favourite western technological follies, is said to be gearing up to produce a form of sapphire glass -- the tough screen covering many were expecting to see in the iPhone 6. Read More >>

Foxconn CEO Claims There is No Issue With Bendy iPhones

There have been a lot of explanations for the apparent problem of iPhone 6 Pluses bending on their own. Apple originally stated that it was due to people manhandling their phones, and renowned bender Uri Geller claims it was because of 'mind powers'. But Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn, claims that it's just a "distorted view of reality", one that is "created by competitors". Read More >>

Foxconn Worker Made £600 Selling Nicked iPhone 6 Parts

The endless flood of iPhone 6 case leaks may have been triggered by one Chinese worker at Foxconn, who allegedly earned himself around £600 after pocketing iPhone parts and selling them on back in July. Read More >>