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Riding Along With a Log Through a Saw Mill Is Absolutely Terrifying

It’s not uncommon for cartoon characters to find themselves unwittingly dragged through all the chaos of a saw mill. From the audience’s perspective, it’s usually hilarious. But when you send a small camera on a log through a saw mill, scary doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of being pulled through all that machinery. Read More >>

The Brief and Bizarre History of the FPS Bot 

The early days of first person shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament gave birth to one of the most unique types of video game AIs: the FPS bot. Within a few years time these mindless enemies became an institution. Then just as quickly as they arrived, they disappeared. Read More >>

The Birth and Evolution of Frame Rate In Films

One of the most basic mechanisms of the motion picture is frame rate -- how fast those frames of still images flicker past your eye to produce the magical effect of cinema. And this video traces the history of why such values as 24, 30, or 60 frames per second came to be standard: Read More >>

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Why Frame Rate Matters

We all know the motion picture is a lie. That movement on screen? It's just a bunch of still images. Still images that seem more like believable, realistic, lifelike motion the faster they flicker along. Faster is better, and that 48 frame-per-second version of The Hobbit was just the beginning. Read More >>

If Going to a Party Was Like Playing a Video Game

Let's face it, for some gamers, going to a party is harder than playing a video game. And for partiers, playing video games is harder than partying. So what if we combined the two worlds and made a video game just for partying? It'd be a lot tougher than you think. Balancing getting drunk, meeting people, hanging with your friends, finding someone to hook up with and having a good time... without making mistakes. Read More >>

EA Launches Battlefield 4 Complete With an Insane 17-Minute Trailer

Yep, Battlefield 4, the originally-named successor to EA’s Battlefield 3, has landed. Well, not quite landed -- we’ll have to wait until autumn to be able to actually, y’know, play the game, but until then, there’s the mother of all trailers to salivate over. Read More >>

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First Person Shooters Have Come a Bloody Long Way Since 1992

Since the dawn of the humble FPS, I've played pretty much nothing else. Wolfenstein 3D kicked it all off, but Doom really cemented it in the public consciousness. From there we had Quake, Half-Life, and a myriad of other shooters, each getting better and better. It's amazing to see just how far we've come, all in one video. Can you spot them all? Read More >>

The British Army’s Training Soldiers By Getting Them to Play First-Person Shooters

The budget cuts are coming home to roost, folks: 220 of the British Army's finest infantry soldiers spent Tuesday in the Land Warfare Centre 'training' by having a massive LAN battle. Read More >>

Electronic Payments Have to Arrive the Next Day, From January 1st

Transferring cash through your phone and the internet ought to get a little quicker from next week, with the UK and Eurozone countries making it a required standard for all mobile and internet payments to arrive within one day. Read More >>

You Can Shoot Up the World in Google Maps Street View

I usually love me some FPS games, but there's something off putting about fake shooting up the real world in Google Maps Street View with an assault rifle. Try it out yourself, put a location in Pool Worldwide and start shooting fake real people and things in Google Maps. Is it weird for you? Read More >>

Duke Nukem 3D for Android: Prepare Yourself for Total Mobile Meltdown

We knew this day would come. Duke Nukem Forever might have been a bona-fide turkey on the next-gen consoles, but the source material still has its fans. Rebirthing the original classic on the Android platform, Duke Nukem 3D is proof positive that you can't keep a good ol' boy down. Read More >>