Fracked Up: Drilling Pollutant Could Mess With Testosterone

New research offers another potential downside of fracking: an increased risk of impotence and fertility problems in men, at least according to findings from cells in the lab. Read More >>

UK Fracking Companies Exploit Loophole to Continue Their “Exploratory” Works

Companies covered by the UK's apparent moratorium of fracking operations haven't exactly sent all their staff home for the rest of the year and put a pallet board over the holes they made, as any site works they can declare merely "exploratory" may continue apace – a loophole some MPs are now asking to have closed. Read More >>

Cuadrilla Wants Guidelines Softened So it Can Restart Fracking

Cuadrilla has come up with a genius method of reducing the problem of seismic activity triggered by its fracking operations: change the levels at which it has to stop and investigate tremors. Read More >>

Fracking Has Been Temporarily Halted in the UK Following Safety Concerns

The government has decided to pump the brakes on fracking until new evidence turns up to suggest that it's safe. Read More >>

Cuadrilla Promises to Pay Off the Loudest Complainers

People living within the Lancashire quake hotbed in and around a village we assure international readers really is called Little Plumpton are in for a pay day, as fracking firm Cuadrilla has agreed to compensate homeowners who have genuine cases of damage being caused to their houses by the series of small and not so small tremors triggered by fracking operations. Read More >>

Cuadrilla “Demobilises” at Controversial Preston Fracking Site

Cuadrilla appears to have ended the fracking part of operations at its site in Lancashire, although it remains in business and is testing the flow rates of gas from a second well it pumped full of water back in August; before the quakes came and forced it to suspend all fracking. Read More >>

Cuadrilla Live-Blogs Bank Holiday Fracking Earthquakes

The third fracking quake to hit Lancashire in the space of a week was the biggest one yet, so well done to everyone at Cuadrilla if that's what they're trying to achieve by pumping water into the ground to make the gas come out. Read More >>

In Bad News on the Fracking Front, the UK Could Be Significantly Less Gassy Than First Thought

A recent study carried out by researchers at the University of Nottingham and the British Geological Survey (BGS) suggests that the UK's reserves of shale gas could be drastically lower than previously touted. Read More >>

Little Plumpton Wobbled by Latest Frackquake

The ON/OFF lever beside the massive hoses operated by Cuadrilla on its Lancashire fracking site has been shoved to the OFF position again, after the operation to squeeze fossil fuels out of the ground caused its biggest tremor yet and fracking was once again suspended. Read More >>

Frack Quakes Take Lancashire Site Offline After Only a Week

Lancashire's potential as a fracking world leader has been called into doubt, as miniature earthquakes have pulled the site offline only a week after the controversial gas extraction operations were restarted after governmental approval. Read More >>

Spills From Fracking Are Worse Than We Imagined

An alarming new study has identified 6,600 chemical spills related to hydraulic fracturing in just four US states over a ten year period. The finding shows that fracking is far messier than previously assumed, and that stricter safety measures need to be established and enforced. Read More >>

The US Finally Admitted That Fracking Contaminates Drinking Water

A new report by the US Environmental Protection Agency concludes that hydraulic fracturing is capable of contaminating drinking water at virtually every stage in the process. The admission won’t sit well with the Tories or US President-elect Donald Trump, both of whom have vowed to expand the controversial practice. Read More >>

This is How Fracking Can Cause Earthquakes

It’s generally believed that hydraulic fracturing is behind the recent spate of earthquakes in regions not usually associated with seismic activity, but the underlying processes are still poorly understood. New research from Canada strengthens the link between the two, showing how the controversial practice can produce persistent earthquakes even after fracking has ended. Read More >>

Oklahoma Rocked by Yet Another Freak Earthquake

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake rattled the Oklahoma prairie town of Cushing last night, damaging several buildings and threatening one of the world’s largest oil terminals. Earthquakes are now a disturbingly frequent phenomenon in the region, with all signs pointing to the practice of disposing oil and gas field wastewater deep underground. Read More >>

A Freak Earthquake Just Rattled the US Midwest

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook parts of the US Midwest earlier this morning, rattling homes from Nebraska to North Texas. The unusually strong quake will likely draw further scrutiny to the practice of disposing oil and gas field wastewater deep underground. Read More >>