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France’s Fuel Tax Disaster Shows We Can’t Save Earth by Screwing Over Poor People

France has turned into a bubbling cauldron of unrest over the past month as the so-called yellow vest movement has put up roadblocks and taken to the streets to protest a fuel tax. Last week’s protests turned violent and facing a crisis, the government of Emmanuel Macron decided today to drop the tax. However, there is much to be learned from the fiasco. Read More >>

Paris’ Solution to Its Public Urination Problem Is Open-Air Piss Boxes

Paris officials are hoping to curb public urination by encouraging slightly less-public urination. Read More >>

French Government Seizes Domain, Gets Sued

Ever since the mid-90s, the website '' has been owned by the same man, French-born US citizen Jean-Noel Frydman. Or at least he did, until the French Foreign Ministry seized the domain following a lawsuit. So he's suing. Read More >>

French Minister is Calling for a National Blacklist to Block Streaming Piracy

Governments have been tackling torrent-based piracy for years, trying to come up with ways to penalise repeat offenders and stop them downloading content they haven't paid for. These days piracy is less about the torrents and more about the streaming, which makes it a lot harder for anti-piracy types to catch offenders. So they need to get creative, and after France was criticised for seemingly not doing enough to combat piracy Minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen, wants to tackle the problem with a national blacklist. Read More >>

France Can’t Handle Quorn, Bans Veggie Products From Masquerading as Alt-Meat

The French aren't exactly known for being open-minded when it comes to the evolving nature of cuisine, but its latest attempt to safeguard the world of French food is taking things a bit too far. Basically it's banned vegetarian products from using words commonly associated with meat, which means no more veggie sausages, veggie 'bacon' and so on. Read More >>

France’s Favourite Crypto-Fascist Could Face Three Years in Prison for ISIS Tweets

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s crypto-fascist National Front party, could be required to pay a $90,000 (£65,324) fine and spend up to three years in prison for tweets she sent in 2015 that showed images of executions by ISIS, according to the Associated Press: Read More >>

France Could Fine Smartphone Use While Driving, Even if You’re Parked Up

Apparently France is having an issue with car accidents at the moment, so it's taken to blaming everyone's favourite scapegoats. No, not millennials, the smartphone. A French court has declared it's illegal use a smartphone while you're sitting in the drivers's seat of a car, even if you've pulled over somewhere safe. Read More >>

Parisian Zoo Recaptures 50 Escaped Baboons

The Vincennes Zoo in Paris was evacuated Friday morning after a group of 50 hostages revolted against their captors. Read More >>

UK Borrows Posh Bit of Knitting From France

The UK is about to announce something positive to do with Europe, it seems, with sources suggesting a crack team of negotiators has wangled a loan of the Bayeux Tapestry for a future generation of British school children to trudge along and look at. Read More >>

France is Investigating Apple Over Illegal Planned Obsolescence

For years people insisted that their phones magically slowed down when newer models were released, which was often dismissed as a trick of the mind among other things. Then it was revealed Apple really has started slowing down older handsets, purportedly to prevent ageing batteries from crashing iOS. Read More >>

France to Facebook: You Have 30 Days to Stop Harvesting WhatsApp User Data

France’s data privacy agency CNIL has ordered WhatsApp to stop sharing data with its owner Facebook, the Verge reported, saying users never consented to sharing data for business intelligence or targeted advertising functions when Facebook disclosed the collection last year. Read More >>

The Government Plans to Ban All New Petrol and Diesel Cars and Vans by 2040

The days of the good old trusty internal combustion engine, which revolutionised transportation but also maybe helped usher in a looming environmental apocalypse, may be numbered. Read More >>

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Watch a High-Speed Train Race a Fighter Jet

If you don’t live in a country where high-speed trains are common, you might not realise how fast they can really go. Travelling at just shy of 200 miles per hour, this TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) train in France was able to keep pace with a fighter jet during an inaugural run of a new line. Read More >>

A French Artist Says He Received a National ID Card Using a Computer-Generated Headshot

With a stunt that will probably see France initiating changes to its National ID card programe, an artist named Raphaël Fabre submitted a photorealistic computer-generated image of himself—and he says it was approved without question. Read More >>

French Presidential Campaign Claims ‘Massive Hack’ 

Fears of a hacking campaign targeting centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron came to fruition in a last minute information dump Friday evening. The leaked memos and emails appeared online just hours before a legally-required midnight media blackout on election coverage. Voters will head to the polls on Sunday amidst confusion over what information the hacked documents actually contain. Read More >>