Facebook’s New Office Looks Like a Tree House Built By an Incompetent Dad

“We’re a culture of builders,” Janelle Gale, Facebook’s VP of Human Resouces, says in a new video promoting the company’s lavish new office in Menlo Park, California. Gale believes that the recently completed piece of architecture accurately reflects the kind of culture that Facebook has built. We agree. Read More >>

Facebook’s New Gehry Building Includes the World’s Least Functional Bike Bridge

In 2012, Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg posed for a series of photos that sealed their intertwined fates: Gehry, arguably the world’s most famous architect, would design a new campus for Zuckerberg, arguably the world’s most powerful not-lizard person. Surely with all this money and talent coalescing like a hunk of molten aluminium, Facebook’s new HQ would garner universal “Likes.” Instead it’s more “Sad” than “Wow”. Read More >>

Facebook is Using Famous Instagrammers to Show Off its New Office

Facebook's fancy new digs designed by Frank "Architecture Is Shit" Gehry opened today, delivering the latest architectural smackdown in the ongoing space race between various Silicon Valley corporate campuses. Read More >>

Frank Gehry Says Architecture Today is ‘Pure Shit’

It can't be easy being the world's most famous living architect. Sometimes you have to say what's on your mind. Sometimes words just won't do. No, that's not Frank Gehry demonstrating the spire of his newest skyscraper. That's Frank Gehry giving you—and all his critics—the finger. Read More >>

Power-Architect Frank Gehry’s Battersea Power Station Flats are “Falling Over”

They haven't been built yet, of course, but the "falling over" aesthetic is what famous bizarre building maker Frank Gehry is aiming for with his part in the £8bn redevelopment of London's Battersea Power Station complex. Read More >>

Frank Gehry is Still the World’s Worst Living Architect

While it's been widely known for at least a decade that Frank Gehry is the world's worst living architect, it's not entirely clear why some people—mostly very rich clients—haven't picked up on this yet. The utterly god awful and ridiculous Biomuseo in Panama, an eco-discovery centre that cost at least £35 million and took a decade to construct, is only the most recent case in point. Read More >>

Famed Architect Frank Gehry Building a Thing Next to Battersea Power Station

Canadian architect Frank Gehry is about to design his first building for the UK, with the consortium in charge of redeveloping London's Battersea Power Station site somehow convincing the man's firm to agree to whack up five blocks of flats next to the iconic chimneys. Read More >>

10 Celebrity Designer Gadgets

Thanks to the influence of a certain Cupertino-based company, sleek, well-designed gadgets are becoming the norm -- in fact, we're at a point now when almost all mainstream consumer electronics look eerily similar, amirite Samsung? Read More >>

Frank Gehry Is Designing Facebook’s New Office Building and That’s Sad

Frank Gehry, the genius architect who designed the Wall Disney Concert Hall or the curve perverted one-trick pony who litters beautiful cities with Toontown buildings because he can't draw a straight line anymore (depending on your perspective), is going to be designing Facebook's new engineering office building. You don't even need to know architecture to know Gehry, he's an icon. This is a good thing because it proves Facebook has taste. But a horrible thing because its taste is so generically terrible. Read More >>

Frank Gehry’s Tiffany Chess Set Is a Miniature Architectural Marvel

Architect Frank Gehry is best known for his curvaceous buildings like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, or the other Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. But he was also recently commissioned by Tiffany & Co. to create this funky chess set which looks like a tiny Gehry-inspired cityscape. Read More >>