Scammer Successfully Deepfaked CEO’s Voice to Fool Underling Into Transferring £200,000

The CEO of an energy firm based in the UK thought he was following his boss’s urgent orders in March when he transferred funds to a third-party. But the request actually came from the AI-assisted voice of a fraudster. Read More >>

Equifax Agrees to Pay Data Breach Victims Up to £16,000 for Their Troubles

Nearly two years after the catastrophic Equifax data breach of 2017 was announced, it looks like the company is readying to cough up damages to the millions of people whose personal information was exposed in the breach - or at least to those in the US. Read More >>

The UK is the Most Popular Destination for Telephone Fraud

15 per cent of all of the world's scam phone call attempts terminate at our stupid heads and smart phones here in the UK, as global scammers think we're the nation most likely to hand out our debit card details to someone pretending to be phoning from Microsoft with important safety news about our computers, or at least accidentally return a missed call to an exorbitantly-priced premium number. Read More >>

Fraudsters Fish for Benefit Hack Victims on Social Media

Scammers have found a way to steal future income from those eligible for the new Universal Credit benefit, and are advertising their thievery as a form of "grant" people are eligible for on social media. Read More >>

Amazon Says ‘Extensive’ Fraud Allowed Cybercriminals to Siphon Cash From Seller Accounts

UK legal documents obtained by Bloomberg show that e-commerce titan Amazon fell prey to “extensive” fraud that allowed cybercriminals to obtain access to around 100 seller accounts and transfer cash into their bank accounts, with the company confirming to the news agency that it had completed an investigation into the incident. Read More >>

Tell Your Mum Not to Send Jason Statham Any Money

There's a bizarre new scam going around the less cynical parts of the internet, where a man pretending to be Jason Statham is asking ladies for money. And they're only bloody giving it to him too, because the only internet the victims use is Facebook and they implicitly trust everything they see and hear there. Read More >>

Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Plans to Sue the US Government: Report

Chinese telecom firm Huawei has recently come under intense pressure in the U.S. to prove that the company isn’t spying for the Chinese government. But if a new report is accurate, Huawei is ready to push back. Hard. Read More >>

Santander has Commissioned an ‘Invisible Cinema’ to Teach the Youth About Fraud

You know the drill. You go to the cinema, sit down, then cringe because you forgot they always show half an hour of adverts before the film starts. So while you munch down on your popcorn you have to listen to the cinema try and flog products and services you don't care about, before a range of trailers you already saw online a month ago. Well there may be a reason to pay attention in future, because Santander have developed an 'invisible' trailer that can only be seen through a pair of special glasses. Read More >>

Fraudulent Lego Websites Pop Up and Attempt to Scam Customers

Over the last few weeks, there's been a wave of fake Lego websites pop up. Not fake as in selling counterfeit Lego. The sites carry the Lego brand, look very like the official Lego website, and claim to be selling official Lego merchandise at very discounted prices. Read More >>

elon musk
Tesla Hit With Third Class-Action Suit Over Musk’s Stock Tweets

Embattled electric car manufacturer Tesla racked up its third class-action suit, filed this evening in California’s Northern District Court, stemming from bizarre and potentially unfounded tweets sent last week by CEO Elon Musk. Read More >>

Couple Who Scammed Amazon Out of More Than £895,000 in Electronics Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Prison

Back in October, Gizmodo reported that a couple in the US state of Indiana had been charged for relieving $1.2 million (£895,400) worth of merchandise from Amazon. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana yesterday sentenced husband and wife Erin and Leah Finan to nearly six years in prison each. Read More >>

Suspected Crypto Ponzi Scheme Bitconnect Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit

Bitconnect is being sued yet again, according to a document filed today with the US District Court of Northern California. This lawsuit, to the best of our knowledge, is the sixth brought against the company since its abrupt closure in mid-January. Read More >>

Hackers Steal Millions by Ditching Malware to Sidestep Security

Employing sophisticated scams involving social engineering, email phishing, and the harvesting of employee passwords, attackers have pilfered millions from some of the world's largest corporations—all while bypassing traditional hacking safeguards by simply avoiding the use of malware. Read More >>

Bookkeeper Caught Embezzling £535,000 After Bonehead Kid Downloads Computer Virus

A woman in the US state of Alaska was pulling off an embezzlement scheme so sly that even an IRS audit didn’t uncover the theft. But then her boss’s grandson infected granddaddy’s computer with a virus, ultimately leading to the discovery of false cheques. Read More >>

Apple Criticised for Not Investigating App Developer Who Faked Her Cancer

When the Apple Watch launched in 2015, Belle Gibson was touted by Apple as a star. Not only had Gibson supposedly cured her own cancer through healthy eating, she now had an app for both the iPhone and Apple Watch that could help others do the same. But now that her own cancer and “cure” have been exposed as fake, people are asking what responsibility Apple had to the public. Read More >>