You Can Get the Financial Times Free for 6 Months if You Use Google Pay

We're all about the freebies lately. Free Google Home Mini for anyone on Spotify Family, free Sonos One for anyone preordering the Huawei P30, free Google Home with BT fibre broadband – and here's one that doesn't require buying anything in particular. Read More >>

Chris Pratt Will Serve Coffee At London’s Pop-Up Lego Café

As every caffeine addict knows, everything is decidedly Not Awesome until you've had your coffee. Read More >>

Microsoft Paying UK Users To Use Bing

Microsoft's "Bing Rewards" offer incentives like Xbox gift cards and Skype credit for every search you perform on Bing. You get three points for each search and that's doubled for an introductory period to six, as long as you're using Microsoft Edge. Earnings are limited to 30 per day, or 60 if you're on Edge. The special points increase runs until the 15th of August. Read More >>

Three Launches Wuntu, A Rewards App For Its Customers

Phone network Three has launched its new rewards app, designed to give customers freebies along the lines of O2's Priority and similar schemes (Orange Wednesdays RIP). Read More >>

Sky Will Give You a Free Telly With its Family Bundle

Sky's latest attempt to wrestle some excitement back from the streaming services is quite the big money promotion, with the satellite broadcaster offering a free 32-inch LG TV to new customers taking out a Family Bundle. Read More >>

Some Rogue Do-Gooder Nutcase is Giving Away Cash via Twitter Clues

A Twitter user going by the name @HiddenCash has been pumping out photos of parts of San Francisco, with successful location-seekers finding envelopes full of actual money hidden in spots around the city. Read More >>

Samsung and the IOC Deny Sochi Opening Ceremony Apple Logo Ban

Lucky Olympic athletes taking part in the Sochi Winter Olympics found a Samsung Galaxy Note III in their arrival goodie bags, so even if they don't take home a medal they've still got something of a fairly high value to sell on the internet when they get home. But did Samsung demand they avoid being seen using Apple hardware as part of the deal? Read More >>

Desperate Electric Toothbrush Mob Descends on London Rail Station

Hundreds of people lined up at Waterloo station to chase a freebie yesterday, after a promo for a new electric toothbrush caused chaotic scenes. The idea was to let people swap an old electric toothbrush for a new one, a deal that went down rather too well. Read More >>

Free Games Your Reward for Attending Apple’s App Store 5th Birthday Party

Apple's App Store celebrates its fifth birthday this week, and plenty of game publishers and developers are using this as an excuse to boost their user numbers by giving away some cracking iOS games for free. Read More >>

Free Bungie Game Released for Mac (Don’t Get Too Excited)

An indie coder has rebuilt the Halo developer's first commercial release, which is now available to download on the Mac App Store for free. But Halo it most certainly isn't. Read More >>

Try PlayStation Mobile, Get Free Games For Your Trouble

If you own an Android phone that's been officially PlayStation Certified by Sony and its people, there's some hot freebie action to be had. The company's giving away free PlayStation Mobile games, as a sort of bribe to make you try it all out. Read More >>

Earn Smug London Eco Points by Walking Somewhere for Once

New mobile app re:route is doing its bit for the capital's health, issuing reward points to those who bravely walk and cycle about the place instead of using cars or public transport. Read More >>

UK MPs in New Expenses Scam — Free iPads For Everyone

The UK's 650 MPs are being advised to upgrade their old business laptops to flash new iPads, with the cost of buying one of Apple's posh devices able to be claimed back through their expenses. Read More >>

Samsung Has 16 Free Games Ready for Galaxy Phone Users

To help make you excited about buying a Galaxy-branded Android phone and encourage use of its Samsung Apps channel, Samsung is giving away up to 16 games through the pre-loaded Samsung Apps... app. Read More >>