I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilisation as Its Batteries Could Take Me

Almost as suddenly as the electric rent-a-scooters appeared, everyone had an opinion about them. They began clogging sidewalks across the Bay Area, California in late 2017 as brands with four-letter names like Bird and Lime fought for dominance in the latest vampiric startup scheme. Folks were excited to share their takes, even if you never asked. Read More >>

Vladimir Putin Decides Internet is “CIA Project”

Russia's love affair with the internet continues apace this week, with Putin yesterday calling the internet a "CIA project", and saying how Russia needs to "fight for its interests online". Read More >>

A Map of Internet Freedom Across the World

Here in the UK, it's easy to slip into the comfortable idea that the internet is unrestricted, a home for free speech and exploration, whether it's meaningful and important, or dumb hashtags. Provided David Cameron doesn't get his way, that is. It's not that way everywhere though, and Freedom House has mapped out the current state of affairs across the globe. Read More >>

Sergey Brin: Web Freedom Faces Its Greatest Threat Ever

Over the past three decades, the internet has changed — and if you're to believe Sergey Brin, the principles of openness and universal access that underpinned it at its conception are under the greatest threat they've ever faced. Read More >>

Is Iran Going To Dump the Web and Launch Its Own National Internet?

Iran isn't a nation known for its liberal outlook on life. So maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that the country may soon pull out of the internet and launch its own national network instead. Read More >>