The Patterns That Come Out When Bubbles Freeze Are So Cool

My advice in surviving winter? Move somewhere warm. Can’t do that? Then just stay inside for three months. Can’t do that? Then... wait, why can’t you do that? Friend’s birthday? Forget about it. Dinner? Order in. Life? Experience it through videos on the Internet. Like this one by ZALUSKart, where bubbles freeze over and over again and reveal wonderful patterns right before they do. Read More >>

21 Pictures of America’s Modern-Day Ice Age

This week temperatures across the United States dipped to -26.7 degree Celsius on the heels of the frigid, dense air known as a polar vortex, which has swept across the Midwest and through a huge portion of the United States, with Chicago being particularly affected. Read More >>

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This Super Icebreaker is Heading to Antarctica to Free Two Frozen Ships – Updated

It may not be the largest or most powerful ice breaker ever to set sail (that record is held by Russia's nuclear-powered NS Yamal), but America's Polar Star is easily one of the most badass. This 75,000 horsepower ship can crush a two-storey ice wall in a single swipe of its mighty bow. Read More >>

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This is What Happens When Boiling Water Meets Freezing Air

It is -41C outside. You fire-up the kettle to make a cup of warming tea when you spot your kid's not-used-since-summer water gun abandoned in the corner. There's only one thing for it isn't there? Read More >>