The Beauty of Freezing Bubbles Is the Only Good Thing About Nightmarish Winter Temperatures

Did you for some reason think the gruelling endurance march that was 2017 would end without one final ordeal? You fool. Right now people across the Atlantic are enduring record-breaking sub-zero temperatures, with the only silver lining being that it’s cold enough to instantly freeze soap bubbles, which it turns out is shockingly beautiful. Read More >>

Frozen Tardigrade Brought Back to Life After 30 Years

Tardigrades, or “water bears,” are renowned for their remarkable survival skills. But these microscopic creatures are far more indestructible than we thought. In a recent experiment, scientists in Japan successfully revived a tardigrade that had been frozen for more than three decades. Read More >>

This Alaskan Frog Can Survive Getting Frozen and Thawed

While human cryogenics is still in its pie-in-the-sky, butt-of-the-joke phase, a frog that lives in Alaska's subzero temperatures can pull off a surprisingly similar feat. Scientists have now documented the wood frog surviving through its longest and coldest states ever. This frog could someday hold the key to preserving organs for transplant and maybe just maybe even human cryogenics. Read More >>

This Sleeping Bag Is Every Sub-Zero Camper’s Dream/Nightmare

Whether you prefer to spend your summers in the Arctic or simply miss the suffocating warmth of a mother's womb, Nemo's newly launched Canon -40 sleeping bag may just cure what ails you (unless it's the latter in which case please seek professional assistance). Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Running In the Cold

"Damn, it's freezing. I know I said I'd go for a run, but in this cold it's probably unhealthy, right?" Read More >>

How Many Water Molecules Does It Take to Make Ice?

You might think that sounds like a dumb question: why does it matter how many molecules there are, they just need to be cold enough, right? Wrong: you need enough to make the complex crystal structure that you see so clearly in snow flakes—and now scientists have worked out exactly how many that is. Read More >>

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How To Make the Perfect Ice Cube

Most of the world's ice cubes are cloudy, soft, and weak. These hazy rocks are less dense, and they melt faster, leaving your drink watered down and terrible. Plus, opaque ice is just ugly. Read More >>