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Watch a Blacksmithing Patriot Forge a Knife Using Beer, Bacon, and Chips

It’s hard to think of anything more American than giant weapons and fast food. So Steve Calvert, from YouTube’s Green Beetle channel, combined the two, using beer, bacon, and chips to forge a “‘Murica!” knife that promises to at least make the country’s kitchens great again. Read More >>

Used Canola Oil Turns Dusty Paths Into Roads That Smell Like Chips

Fryer oil turns plain old potatoes into delicious chips. It powers our biodiesel cars. And, now, it's being used to turn the dusty surfaces of rural Canadian roads into stable makeshift asphalt—AND THEY SMELL LIKE CHIPS. God bless our obsession with that infernally unhealthy liquid. Read More >>

Sorry, Astronauts: It’s Impossible to Fry Food in Zero G

Astronauts have hard jobs, and like anyone with hard jobs, they deserve some chips and a nice, deep-fried chicken after work. Don't we all? But there's bad news. According to a new study, it's impossible to fry food in zero g. Nooooooooooo! Read More >>

Mega Potato
When Super-Sized Fries Just Aren’t Big Enough, You Need Japan’s “Mega Potato”

Ironically, coming from the land of the tiny, Japan has beaten the rest of the world with the biggest McDonald's fries you've ever seen. It's not just super-sized anymore, it's simply humongous. Meet the epically-named "Mega Potato". Now you're making me hungry. Read More >>

How McDonald’s Makes Its Delicious French Fries

McDonald's french fries are so incredibly addictive that they can't be from this world, right? Wrong! Watching how McDonald's makes its delicious french fries in the video above, you'll see the farms the potatoes grow on, the massive machinery used to break them down and the good ol' fashioned frying that makes 'em pop. I can smell the fries through YouTube, mmm. Read More >>