Examiners Told to Go Easy on French and German GCSE Students

UK students are taking foreign languages at GCSE level in ever-lower numbers, and one reason for this, according to education regulator Ofqual, is that it's harder to get the highest grades in French and German because of the way they're exactingly marked. So the solution is to make them a little easier. Read More >>

steve jobs
Communists Oppose Naming a French Street for Steve Jobs, Suggest Ada Lovelace Instead

France has a surprisingly large number of streets named after Americans. There are streets named for Thomas Edison, George Gershwin, and Ben Franklin. But recent plans to name a street after Steve Jobs has encountered some resistance. Specifically, resistance from French Communists. Read More >>

French Rail Workers Infuriate Nation in Strike Over Booze Bans

Rail staff on one Parisien line went on strike in support of several of their colleagues, who were disciplined for being filmed enjoying several rum cocktails while controlling live rail traffic. Read More >>

French Secret Service Freaks Out About Seemingly Nonexistent Military Secrets On Wikipedia

French agents at the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (DCRI), apparently turning their attention to Wikipedia for the first time in years, demanded last month that the Wikimedia Foundation delete an entry about a military radio relay station written in 2009. Read More >>

Findus lasagneigh
FSA: Findus “Beef” Lasagne Was Up to 100 Per Cent Horse

The horsemeat scandal trots on thanks to our French friends. After Tesco's burger blunder, the Food Standards Agency has been looking into supposedly "beef" meals. Turns out, Findus Beef Lasagne was in fact horse lasagne, or between 60 to 100 per cent horse, to be exact. Read More >>

The La Boite Audio Desk Makes Your Average Laptop Stand Look Like a Cheap Toy

Furniture that's also tech seems to be all the rage at the moment, what with Ikea's TV-come-shelf thing. How about a desk-like laptop stand that packs Parisian style with some serious high-end audio punch? Read More >>

Peeing Frenchman Sues Google Over Embarrassing Street View Photo

Google Street View, long established as a source for photos of unaware naked people, is being sued by a man in France because one of its camera-mounted cars snapped a photo of him pissing into a courtyard on his property and, as any of us surely would, uploaded it to the internet. Read More >>

star wars
This Black Bun Darth Vader Burger Looks More Awesome Than The Phantom Menace

I'm finally jealous of our French friends. To promote the re-release of The Phantom Menace in THREE DEE, fast food chain Quick is making a Darth Vader Burger complete with a black bun. A BLACK BUN. On a burger! Read More >>

The French Give McDonalds an Arty Modern Redesign

These images come from a brand new, high-concept French McDonalds branch, which has been given a complete internal redesign in an attempt to make it more appealing to the modern consumerist family. Read More >>

French speaking kitchen
French-Speaking Kitchen Teaches You How To Cook

The easiest way to learn a language is by doing it in situ, and what better way than using our French cousins' favourite language? No, not the language of love -- the language of food. Read More >>

"Is My Son Gay?" Is One Aggressively Sad Android App

If you think your son's sexuality can be determined through any means other than actually having a meaningful, face-to-face conversation, then you need to waste your money on the "Is My Son Gay" French Android App. Read More >>