World’s Largest Frogs are So Big, They Build Their Own Ponds

New evidence shows that Goliath frogs – the world’s largest species of frog – construct their own ponds, providing a safe space for their tadpoles to grow. Read More >>

Charming, Newly Discovered Treefrog Has a Mysterious Claw

Introducing Hyloscirtus hillisi, a species of treefrog recently discovered in the eastern Andes of Ecuador. Among its many distinguishing features is an enlarged claw, the purpose of which isn’t immediately clear. Read More >>

These Are the Most Ancient Frogs Ever Found Preserved in Amber

The extraordinary discovery of four small frogs preserved in amber is providing the earliest evidence of these now-prolific amphibians living in tropical rainforests. Read More >>

Cadbury Freddo Price Axed to 25p Each as Britain is SAVED

Yes, people power and perhaps even the (garden) gloved hand of Jeremy Corbyn has secured a victory for the common man and his equally common and obese child! The price of the Cadbury Freddo is about to be relaxed from its incendiary high of 30p each, with some frogs -- of the same size and recipe -- about to hit the shops with a printed-on, non-negotiable RRP of just 25p. Read More >>

Frog Species Breaks Record for Most Sex Chromosomes in a Vertebrate

You may have learned in school that humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes: 22 “autosomes” and their partners, which contain pretty much the same genes and in the same order, plus one pair of sex chromosomes that lead to the differentiation in sexual traits. But enough about us. The Amazonian Leptodactylus pentadactylus (smoky jungle frog) has six pairs of sex chromosomes. Read More >>

You Can Probably Tell if Other Animals Are Emotionally Aroused

It is likely that you, a human, can tell when your fellow humans are upset based on the sound of their voice. You might even be able to tell when your non-human pet is upset. But what about non-mammals, like frogs? What about birds? Read More >>

How a Massive Asteroid Strike Helped Frogs Inherit the Earth

Frogs have been around for nearly 200 million years, but it wasn’t until a 10-mile-wide asteroid struck our planet, wiping out three-quarters of all life on Earth — including the dinosaurs — that these crafty amphibians were able to make their big evolutionary move, according to new research. Read More >>

This Freaky Frog is So Transparent You Can See its Internal Organs

Introducing Hyalinobatrachium yaku, a newly-discovered species of glassfrog that lives in the Amazonian lowlands of Ecuador. Like other glassfrogs, it features transparent skin on its belly, but this tiny critter takes things to another level by exposing the entire contents of its underside—heart and head included. Read More >>

Frog Slime Could Prevent the Next Pandemic

New research from Emory University School of Medicine shows that a chemical in the mucus of South Indian frogs is capable of killing certain strains of the influenza virus. It’ll take a while for scientists to translate this finding into a useful medicine, but the discovery could lead to an entirely new source of powerful anti-viral drugs. Read More >>

Check Out the First and Most Adorable Fluorescent Frog

Aside from its namesake spots, the polka-dot tree frog is just about the plainest looking frog you’ve ever seen—green. That is, until you shut off your torch and hit it with some ultraviolet rays. Read More >>

Scientists Hope To Foil Deadly Frog Fungus With More Fungus

It’s been called “the worst infectious disease ever recorded among vertebrates.” The devastating effect of the chytrid fungus on frog populations around the world has contributed to the extinction of at least 200 species and no one knows where it came from. But now scientists are hoping to tweak the amphibian’s evolutionary development by bulking up their bods with small doses of the very thing that’s killing them. Read More >>

These Frogs Do Awkward Dance Routines to Find a Mate

Brazilian torrent frogs live near running water, which makes communication difficult. So the amphibians have developed a broad repertoire of behaviours to tempt a mate and scare off rivals, according to Brazilian researchers at the Universidade Estadual Paulista, who just published their findings in PLOS One. Read More >>

This is the Last Thing A Fly Ever Sees

This forty-eight second clip tells us something about why flies stick to a frog’s tongue — and it’s almost scarier than Prometheus, with a monster lurching out of the darkness to launch an attack. Read More >>