Check Out These FTC Complaints Against Tinder

Anyone who’s spent any considerable amount of time on Tinder knows that, like any service promising random lonely people quick and easy access to a horde of horned-up singles over the Internet, it kind of sucks. It’s filled with fake profiles, tries to sell you on premium services, and even if you do meet someone, there’s a reasonable chance your date will involve listening to them test out their bad standup routine or complain about feminism. Read More >>

The Amount of Cash That Middling Celebs Make on Social Media Will Shock You

Agencies like the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have started to crack down on celebrity endorsements on networks like Instagram and YouTube. But have you ever wondered how much your average celebrity gets paid for a post? Not Kim Kardashian West or Kanye West. We know they make millions. But just your average, run-of-the-mill celeb or internet-famous “influencer” with a few million followers? They still make tens of thousands of pounds. Read More >>

Influencers Beware: Authorities Are Cracking Down on Paid Instagram Posts

Sponsored posts from celebrities — or worse yet, “influencers” — are terrible in any form, but they’re especially bad when it’s not clear they’re actually advertisements. That’s why, according to a report from Bloomberg, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to crack down on these fuzzily labelled posts. Read More >>

Antitrust Police in the US May Investigate Google’s Android OS

According to a report from Bloomberg today, US trade watchdog the FTC is gathering its forces and doing the paperwork necessary to launch an antitrust investigation into Google's Android mobile OS, with sources suggesting the tech giant's pimping of its own apps inside the software and the possible freezing out of its competitors' (invariably rubbish) alternatives is the key cause for complaint. Read More >>

Google Pulls Out of Its Motorola Patent Push

Patent wars are still raging in plenty of parts of the tech world, but today there's something of a ceasefire between Google and Microsoft. Google has just filed with the ITC in the US to stop attempts to prevent Microsoft from using certain compression techniques with the Xbox 360. Read More >>

The US Government Slaps Google Again But Spares it Microsoft’s Fate

The US FTC just announced a settlement with Google, which the commission had been investigating for illegal, anti-competitive behaviour.  And it's mostly good news for everyone except Google: less patent warfare, less search engine bullying. But Google's still off the hook in one very important way: the feds are dropping their investigation. Read More >>

SpongeBob Removed From App Store Over Privacy Concerns

If you were hoping to keep the kids quiet over the holidays with a SpongeBob game, you're all outta luck. Nickelodeon has had to pull SpongeBob Diner Dash from the Apple App Store over complaints that it violates children's online privacy rights. Read More >>

Judge Approves FTC’s Largest Ever Fine, To Be Paid By Google

Nine months on from the Wall Street Journal spotting a massive Google privacy issue—namely, that it was circumventing cookie privacy settings in Safari—the search giant's fate is now sealed. A judge has approved the US FTC's largest ever fine, in the process rejecting appeals from a consumer-rights group that the sum should be higher, which means Google is set to pony up a cool $22.5 million -- around £14m. Read More >>

Report: Google’s One Step Closer to Being Hit with an FTC Anti-Trust Case

According to Reuters, top brass at the FTC is convinced it should bring an antitrust case against Google. The writing's been on the wall since last year, but it looks like things could finally be coming to a head. Read More >>

Google’s Being Hit with a Federal Probe — Again

Fresh off of its crippling pitiful $25,000 (£15,700) fine over collecting private Wi-Fi information with its Street View cars, Google is the target of a new federal investigation. This time, it's because Google was found to be bypassing security settings to store cookies on unwilling mobile Safari users' phones. Read More >>

Anonymous Hacks the FTC in Protest of Internet-Censorship Bill

Just a week after hacking the CIA, Anonymous continued its onslaught of attacks on US government websites early this morning by hacking several websites belonging to the American Federal Trade Comission. Read More >>

Google’s Newest Search Result? An FTC Antitrust Investigation

I'm not the only one troubled by Google's new Search Plus Your World — Google's aggressive push to include social results in its search that seems to favour Google+ over other social media services. So is the FTC in the US. Read More >>