BT Ups its Gigabit Connection Targets

BT's latest financial announcement includes some bullish comments by the company's new CEO, who says that, governmental assistance provided, the company could connect 15 million homes and businesses by 2025. Read More >>

Milton Keynes Gets £40m FTTP-For-All Pump

The technically advanced city of Milton Keynes may soon be humming to the sound of smug men performing internet speed tests, as a roll out of a consumer gigabit product that hopes to cover the entire city is about to begin. Read More >>

BT and Rival ISPs Plot the UK’s FTTP Future

BT's Openreach division has been running an industry consultation with the UK's other large ISPs and communications providers, with the idea being to find out if there's an appetite for switching the country to an FTTP-only fibre network. And of course there is, but it's going to cost and will require government support. Read More >>

300mbps broadband
Can Anyone Actually Get BT’s Crazy-Fast 300Mbps Broadband?

BT's just thrown up a new checker to see whether you can get its blazingly-fast 300Mbps broadband for just £50 a month with fibre-to-the-home. I've checked, and I'm out, but can anyone actually get it? And if so, are you tempted. It is 300-freaking-megabit after all. Read More >>

300mbps broadband
BT’s Full-Bore 300Mbps Fibre Will Only Cost £50 a Month

We've heard many times before that BT's been testing its stonkingly quick 300Mbps fibre, but now we have a price and a rough timeframe. 300Mbps can be yours for just £50 a month (plus line rental, of course) from later this year. No traffic shaping, no limits, just absolutely blazing broadband. Read More >>

Tokyo ISP’s Insane 2Gbps Fibre Broadband Now Live

A Sony-backed ISP in Japan has launched an astonishingly quick new broadband option, letting local users register for an unbelievable two gigabytes per second home fibre service. But don't be too jealous, they'll probably only get 1.7Gbps in the evenings. Read More >>

BT’s “FTTP on Demand” Brings Superfast 330Mbps Broadband to a Lucky Few

BT has announced plans to start testing its "FTTP on Demand" system in public, allowing users in a few key areas to request/beg the network to install the high-end fibre-to-the-premises wires right into their homes. Read More >>

BT Says You Don’t Need All Fibre, its Copper “Last Mile” is Good Enough to Stay

Sean Williams, BT's group strategy director, told a committee of MPs that there's no need to pursue enhanced fibre-to-the-premises connections in the UK, as the existing copper network and the cheaper fibre-to-the-cabinet option ought to be good enough for most users' needs. Read More >>

Super-Superfast 330Mbps Broadband Coming Down BT’s Pipes From July

The latest escalation in the superfast broadband war will take place this July, when BT's Openreach network department will start to offer the even-faster-superfast 330Mbps top-whack speed to its customers. Read More >>

BT Fibre Network Ahead of Schedule — 2014 The New End Date

BT's plan to connect two-thirds of the country to its new fibre network are running ahead of schedule, allowing it to connect a lucky two-thirds of the population to fibre by the end of 2014. Read More >>

BT Enabling 300Mb Broadband Connections From Spring 2012

BT has updated us on its efforts to bring its faster fibre broadband network to the UK, claiming that certain areas will get staggering 'Fibre to the Premises' max download speeds of 300Mbps from spring of next year. Read More >>