Swappable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cartridges Could be the Future of Phone Power

A British company is making a play for the entire future of mobile power sources, claiming it has a prototype hydrogen fuel cell that's able to keep an iPhone operational for a week -- and that a world in which we buy fuel cells to recharge our phones once a week for the price of a coffee is but a few years away. Read More >>

Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Ready to Fail Miserably in 2015

This is the car currently known as the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle. It's the first production hydrogen-powered car, set to launch in Japan by April 2015 and around other parts of the world by later next summer. But does your local ASDA have a hydrogen pump? Probably not. Read More >>

Myfc PowerTrekk review hydrogen fuel cell
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Myfc PowerTrekk Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lightning Review: Instant Power Anywhere, Juiced By Water

The Hydrogen-powered future of gadgets is finally here with PowerTrekk, the first consumer hydrogen fuel cell. It promises to juice-up your gadgets simply with the power of water and H2, instantly, anywhere, any time. Too good to be true, or the best thing since USB? Read More >>

This Fuel Cell Keeps Running Even When It’s Out of Fuel

Fuel cells are amazing things but, just like any portable energy source, they occasionally need topping up with juice. This one, however, can keep on going even when it runs out of fuel. What kind of sorcery is this? Read More >>

Vampiric Implants Turn Snails Into Tiny Recon Scouts

The idea of using insects and other small creatures as data-gathering devices has always been hampered by the need for short-lived external batteries. But what if you used the animal's own metabolism to continuously power their sensors? Read More >>