Researchers See Drive Distance Pricing as Way of Filling Electric Cars’ Fuel Duty Hole

The Institute for Fiscal Studies may sound like it's the government but it isn't, so don't worry too much if you're thinking about making a cheap Hyundai electric car your next car. The IFS does, however, carry some clout, so its idea that future taxation of road use should cover "distance driven" is hitting the desks of people important enough to make it happen. They could pass this idea off as their own 2019 general election policy, and also 2020 and 2021's general election policy too. Hey, it's like James O'Malley never left. Read More >>

Wales Agrees to Build New Gas-Burning Power Station

The Welsh government has granted planning permission for Drax – yes the same Drax that wants to capture carbon – to build an entirely gas-burning new power station outside of Swansea. The initial plans appear to show the chimneys pointing at the sky. Read More >>

Government Pressured to Further Cut Our Petrol With Ethanol

A group of MPs who get together to push the case for the British bioethanol industry over a nice glass or two of ethanol is asking the government to double the amount of the product that's mixed into our fuel, as both a short-term quick-fix to reduce carbon the output of our transport system and to protect thousands of jobs. Read More >>

Little Plumpton Wobbled by Latest Frackquake

The ON/OFF lever beside the massive hoses operated by Cuadrilla on its Lancashire fracking site has been shoved to the OFF position again, after the operation to squeeze fossil fuels out of the ground caused its biggest tremor yet and fracking was once again suspended. Read More >>

Scientists Harvest Hydrogen from Water in Microgravity, a Nifty Trick for Deep-Space Travel

A team of scientists announced they have harvested hydrogen from water in microgravity – a proof-of-principle test that may one day lead to a way to acquire fuel or other resources during a long-distance, crewed space mission. Read More >>

This Gross Puking Robot Is a Much Safer Way to Mix Rocket Fuel

It’s understandable that you want to be as careful as possible when handling explosive material like rocket fuel—but manufacturing the volatile mixture requires even more care. So JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, helped create a safer way to mix explosive ingredients by building a working robotic version of human intestines. Read More >>

Toyota’s New Hydrogen Car & Bus Concepts Mean Electric Might Have Some Competition

The past few years car companies have been increasingly switching their attention away from fossil fuels and towards electric battery-powered cars. And rightly so. But hiding away in the shadows are cars powered by hydrogen. Some might consider them dead, thanks to the rise in electric popularity, but Toyota's new concepts means there's still life in the idea. Read More >>

Renewable Whisky Sludge Biofuel Powers Unmodded Car

A new form of biofuel has been successfully tested in the UK, with an unmodified petrol-engined vehicle having a bit of a drive with no ill effects after consuming a tank full of biobutanol. Read More >>

Shell is Bringing Electric Chargers to UK Garages This Year

Petrol enthusiast Shell will soon start letting electric vehicle owners recharge at some of their UK service stations and forecourts, as it foresees a future in which more money is made from selling coffees to stressed dads while they endure a 30-minute charging break than from flogging boring old refined oil. Read More >>

Petrol Prices at 18-Month High as Global Cuts Kick in

Visiting family is about to get slightly more depressing per mile, as the price of petrol and diesel in the UK has risen to highs not seen since lots of famous people you liked were still alive. Read More >>

Researchers Just Found a Way to Convert CO2 into Ethanol Fuel, Completely by Accident

The best science happens by accident. Like penicillin, the microwave, velcro, and so on. Now there's been another potentially world-changing event discovered by pure chance: a method of easily (and cheaply) turning carbon dioxide into ethanol fuel. Read More >>

Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Converting Cow Farts to Useful Liquid Fuel

Something quite interesting and serious that might help save the world without making everyone drive an electric car and live on insect protein has been revealed by researchers, who claim to have found a straightforward method of converting troublesome and abundant natural gas methane into potential engine-powering juice methanol. Read More >>

Chemists Just Turned Plastic Into Liquid Fuel

In news that offers hope that human civilisation won’t end up drowning in coke bottles and cling film, Chinese chemists have developed a remarkably efficient method for converting polyethylene into liquid fuel. If it proves scaleable, it could make a real dent in global plastic pollution. Read More >>

What the Heck Makes Flying So Expensive?

Is it the fuel? Not really. Even though giant passenger jets do guzzle down fuel at a ridiculous 0.67 miles per gallon (they need 1.5 gallons of jet fuel for every mile travelled) there are so many people on a plane that the fuel cost gets slashed to a much more reasonable price. Per person, the fuel efficiency is more like 104.7 miles per gallon. That’s good! So why is flying so expensive? It’s everything else. Read More >>

British Gas and EDF Finally Chop UK Gas Prices

British Gas and EDF Energy have both rather belatedly joined the energy price-cutting party, revealing plans to cut around five per cent from household gas charges. Read More >>