The Best Camera for Every Parent

If you have kids, the impulse to document every instant of their waking lives is nearly as powerful as the impulse to feed and shelter them. I'll help you find the perfect camera to freeze those priceless moments. Read More >>

Fujifilm X-T1 Review: Feast for the Eyes, Frustration for the Fingers

Fuji's new top-of-the-line mirrorless camera is packed with functionality, aiming to smash through the shortcomings of its popular-but-imperfect X series line. The X-T1 has plenty of power, but can't help tripping over its own feet. Read More >>

Fuji Instax Mini 90 Hands-on: A Glorious and Weird Instant Film Camera

Instant film cameras in the digital age are nothing new, but no new product has yet captured our hearts like the good ol' Polaroid did back in the day. Can Fujifilm's revamped Instax camera lure people in with the Mini 90 Neo Classic? We clamoured for a chance to take this thing for a spin. Here are some initial impressions. Read More >>

Fujifilm X-A1: This Mirrorless Shooter is Budget Inside and Out

Yesterday, Fujifilm is formally announcing the X-A1, the small and cheap mirrorless camera that had leaked almost in full a couple of weeks ago, marking the lowest end of Fuji's interchangeable lens cameras. Read More >>

Leaked: A Fuji Mirrorless Camera That Won’t Destroy Your Bank Account

Alongside their efforts to court enthusiast photographers, Fujifilm wants you to know that they have options for those with shallow pockets. This leaked image of the upcoming X-A1 hints at a mirrorless camera for just that sort of photographer. Read More >>

Fujifilm 23mm f/1.4 Lens: The Street Photographer’s New Best Friend

Fuji knows that a lens ecosystem is one of the most important things when choosing a camera to invest in. That's why it's full speed ahead in developing options for its stylish X series of mirrorless cameras. The new 23mm f/1.4 prime lens is yet another piece of quality glass for the stable. Read More >>

FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Brings Retro Flare to Instant Film Cameras

Did you know that instant film cameras are still being made? Fujifilm's line of Instax cameras has been trying to weather the digital storm, and it's now releasing a new Instax camera that has a whole lot more style. Read More >>

Why Apples Don’t Taste as Delicious Anymore

Fuji apples were, once upon a time, objectively and irrefutably the most delicious apples you could sink your teeth into — anyone who said otherwise was either a liar or a witch. These days, though, Fuji apples just aren't quite hitting the spot like they used to, and we might never see them reach their former glory again. Read More >>

Leaked: Fujifilm X-M1, a Cheaper Mirrorless Camera With Wi-Fi

A new batch of leaked photos give us a glimpse of the future: Fuji's next model of interchangeable-lens cameras, the X-M1. The new camera is rumored to be a cheaper, entry-level version of their popular X-series line, with a body-only price of around £500, according to speculation. Read More >>

Another FujiFilm Retro Beauty Leaks (This Time Pocket-Sized)

Shortly after supposed leaked images of a rumoured FujiFilm X-E1 hit the web, another camera oozing vintage magnificence has shown up. Read More >>

Leaked Images Reveal More Retro Camera Goodness Might Be On the Way From Fujifilm

Images supposedly leaked to the rumours website Digicam Info reveal a gorgeous little camera labeled the X-E1. Is this a new retro shooter that will join Fuji's X100 and X-Pro1? We hope so, it looks very promising — like Fujifilm built the camera for a broader audience this time. Read More >>

Fuji Xerox Has Made a Colour E-Paper That Doesn’t Need a Filter

There's good news for those hoping for a future with bright rainbow-hued e-ink screens—Fuji Xerox has developed a colour e-paper that doesn't need a colour filter. Read More >>

Fuji’s M-Mount Adapter Brings Leica Glass to Your New X-Pro1

Fuji's beautiful new mirrorless camera, the X-Pro1, suffers from a lack of available lenses. But come June, you'll be able to easily mount a host of equally desired Leica M-Mount lenses to it for your photo-snapping pleasure. Read More >>

How Many Screws Does It Take to Get to the Center of an Exploded Fuji X100?

Looking at this dismantled Fuji X100, it quickly becomes apparent that staring at exploded gadgets will never get old. Left for dead after suffering fatal water damage, the X100 donated it's body to the internet, providing eye candy for us all to ogle at. Read More >>

The Best New Camera

It's beautiful, simple to use, and elegant. And the Fuji X-Pro1 is rightly going to end up in a lot of camera bags when it hits the streets. Read More >>