Xerox Is No More, Will Now Merge Into Japan’s Fujifilm

Xerox, the brand that dominated the printing hardware market for decades to the point that it became a verb, has lost its independence and will now be managed by Japan’s Fujifilm Holdings Corp. Read More >>

Fujifilm’s X70 and X-Pro2: Retro Stylings and Top-Class Shooters

Fujifilm’s covetable line of retro-looking cameras is getting a slim, compact sibling. The X70 looks like just the camera a lot of people have been waiting for. Read More >>

Fujifilm’s Newest Instant Camera is Unashamedly, Adorably Retro

You don’t buy an instant camera because you care about photo quality. You buy it because you yearn for a simpler, easier time, when photographs were tangible objects, and cameras came in cutesy colours and swallowed film. Read More >>

Fujifilm X-T10: A Smaller and Simpler Version of the Lauded X-T1

Fujifilm has a reputation for making solid, retro-styled mirrorless cameras, and the latest, the X-T10, takes one of its most popular and high-performance bodies, the X-T1, and scales it down in size and price. Read More >>

IBM Can Now Squeeze a Record-Setting 220TB On a Cassette Tape

It’s assumed that once CDs killed off audio cassette tapes, the medium became extinct. But believe it or not, magnetic tape is still alive and well when it comes to data storage, mostly because it’s so cheap. And now that IBM has found a way to squeeze 220 terabytes onto a single cartridge, hard drives will still have plenty of competition for years to come. Read More >>

Fujifilm’s X100T is the Most Amazing Camera I’d Never Buy

Fujifilm's X100 series cameras are not for the masses. They are expensive, don't zoom, and don't fit in your pocket. And yet, if there's a single modern digital camera that has reached near cult status in the past few years, it's the X100. Enthusiasts flock to the retro-styled, fixed-lens shooters in droves. The latest iteration, the X100T, adds a handful of improvements that may go unnoticed by most, but to the seasoned photog they are heavenly additions to an already hallowed piece of gear...but doesn't fix one nagging flaw. Read More >>

National Geographic’s Monkey-Snappers List 10 Best Compact Cameras

The wildlife and scenery photography experts at the National Geographic have put together a list of the 10 best compact cameras it thinks money can buy, ideal if you want to document your next holiday in a little more clarity and detail than that afforded by the Moto G. Read More >>

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300: Instant Photography Fun Gets Twice as Big

With Polaroid out of the picture, Fujifilm has been making moves in recent years to own instant photography with its Instax line of cameras, printers and film. Today, it makes a play at a niche of the instant market with a larger format camera. Read More >>

Fujifilm X30: Fuji’s Tiny Retro Cam Gets an Upgraded Viewfinder and LCD

Three years ago, two Fujifilm digital compacts, the X-100 and X10 sparked a new trend in cameras by melding classic, long-retired design with new technology. Among the innovations on the X100: a combination LCD-Optical viewfinder, which gave you both a taste of the old glass-and-film rangefinder world and the conveniences of digital. With the x20, in 2012, the smaller one put that taste of LCD in your eye, too. Read More >>

Fujifilm X-T1 Review: Feast for the Eyes, Frustration for the Fingers

Fuji's new top-of-the-line mirrorless camera is packed with functionality, aiming to smash through the shortcomings of its popular-but-imperfect X series line. The X-T1 has plenty of power, but can't help tripping over its own feet. Read More >>

Why Even Canon’s Competition Wants it to Take Mirrorless Seriously

Photographers have been urging Canon and Nikon, the two camera-making titans, to put their hearts into the still-budding mirrorless camera market for years. It's gotten to the point that even their competitors, like Fujifilm, want them to get with the times. Read More >>

Fujifilm X-T1: Retro Style Meets Future Features

Fujifilm has been amongst the most important camera manufacturers pushing the retro-styled camera trend with its X-series bodies, and in the years since first introducing the line, the company has been bringing the tech inside the cameras up to speed with their sharp looks. With the X-T1, Fujifilm might've finally created the perfect marriage between classic exterior design and futuristic guts. Read More >>

Fujifilm Teases X-Mount X-T1 Camera

Fujifilm has just teased its new X-mount camera, thought to be called the X-T1, and it's a retro delight: all manual dials for exposure, shutter speed, and ISO, and a cool old-school body. Read More >>

Thank God They’re Finally Dressing Fujifilm’s Awesome X100S in Black

Fujifilm's X100S is a seriously awesome fixed-lens camera with professional grade guts in a compact body. It's perfect for a street photography. You know what sucks when you're a street photographer? Shiny silver cameras that make taking candid shots difficult. Which is why I am positively stoked that they're making this sleek little baby in black now. Read More >>

Fuji Instax Mini 90 Hands-on: A Glorious and Weird Instant Film Camera

Instant film cameras in the digital age are nothing new, but no new product has yet captured our hearts like the good ol' Polaroid did back in the day. Can Fujifilm's revamped Instax camera lure people in with the Mini 90 Neo Classic? We clamoured for a chance to take this thing for a spin. Here are some initial impressions. Read More >>