Fujitsu Is Helping Banks Identify You By Your Veins

We all know passwords are on the way out: partly because people keep stealing them and partly because by 2020, we'll have run out of ideas for new ones ("password must not be one of your 10,000 previous choices.") Read More >>

Vaio is Planning to Merge With Toshiba and Fujitsu to Create a ‘PC Giant’

The Sony spin-off Vaio has announced that it plans to merge with the computer divisions of its rivals Toshiba and Fujitsu as early as next month to form a Japanese “PC Giant”. Read More >>

Fujitsu Having a Pop at a Smart Ring With “Air Writing” Recognition

Another lumpy thing is coming to make the human finger a little more modern, with hardware conglomerate Fujitsu claiming it's preparing a smart ring that'll let wearers write messages by drawing in the air. Read More >>

Fujitsu’s GranNote is a Laptop for Your Nan

Making a notebook for the over 60s takes more than just bigger default fonts and pre-installed Vera Lynn albums, according to Fujitsu. Read More >>

Kinect Is Going to Watch How You Browse, Not Just What You Buy

There are endless metrics a store has access to when it comes to when, what, and who is buying merchandise. But surprisingly, there's not a heck of a lot of data on why a customer decides not to buy something. So Fujitsu is hoping its new Kinect-based research tool provides more insight into how customers browse, and why they may decide against a purchase. Read More >>

Turn a Printed Page Into a Touchscreen With This Brilliant Concept

Realising that the oft-promised 'paperless office' may never actually come to fruition, researchers at Fujitsu are working on a backup plan that gives printed documents similar tablet-like touchscreen functionality. Read More >>

New Tablet Camera Tech Conjures an Invisible Keyboard

Relying on your tablet's on-screen keyboard saves you from having to carry clunky accessories, but it also gobbles up a good chunk of usable screen real estate. So Fujitsu researchers are working on a happy medium that uses the tablet's camera to track your finger movements on a desk, as if you were typing away on an invisible keyboard. Read More >>

IBM Cranks Up The Pace As New Supercomputer Trumps Fujitsu

If the Stig was more into computers than he was cars, he'd be mighty proud right now, as IBM has overtaken Fujitsu with their brand new supercomputer that is now the fastest... in the world. Read More >>

Double-Sided, Transparent Touchscreens Might Be the Future of Gadgets After All

When transparent LCD technology started popping up as consumer tech prototypes a few years ago, it was quickly dismissed as gimmick, or something for a marketing kiosk. But looking at this touchscreen concept from Fujitsu — which is double-sided and transparent — makes you wonder if there isn't hope for this tech yet. Read More >>

A Bunch of Cheap Pre-Owned Consoles Is Your Soiled-But-Still-Great Deal of the Day

If you ask us, the best thing about gaming is that there’s just so much of it to be had. In our eyes, you’re just not a proper gamer if you don’t have EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE that is available at any given time. So if you take advantage of today’s top offer, you’ll be making us happy. Read More >>

Fujitsu Joins the Massive-Screened Phone Tegra 3 Party

Just like Panasonic, Fujitsu’s launching a range of smartphones into Europe and will be showing off its wares at MWC. Now we know a little about one of its new “ultra-high-spec” smartphones -- it’s another beast with a screen over four-inches. Read More >>

MWC 2012: All the Phones and Tablets We Hope to See

Circle this Sunday in your filofaxes phone fans, as this be the day the next few months' handsets get real (yo). Mobile World Congress is the annual week of droppage, where all those recent leaks from the likes of HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG and countless others get scrawled on the walls of Barcelona's overheated convention centres. This is what we know so far: Read More >>

Fujitsu’s Gunning For Europe With a New Range of Windows Phone and Android Smartphone and Tablets

Panasonic’s not the only Japanese electronics giant eyeing up the European phone market, as Fujitsu is set to launch a wide range of Windows Phone and Android smartphones and tablets in our waters at MWC next week. Read More >>

Eyes on Fujitsu’s Waterproof, Quad-Core Superphone Prototype

By the end of this year you could be playing with a quad-core Android phone courtesy of Fujitsu. We just played with the company's newest prototype. It's fast, but what would you do with all of that power? Read More >>