Makers Launches ‘Google For Founders’

Startup founders and wannabe entrepreneurs now have their own search engine in the form of Makers Search, a vertical search engine created by Berlin-based pre-seed investor Makers. Read More >>

Kickstarter Winner Blows £80k on Sketches and Moving House, Then Legs It

Well over 1,000 people contributed to the Kickstarter project for The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, which was supposed to be a sort of fantasy-themed reworking of Monopoly. Around £80,000 was raised -- well ahead of the £23k initial target -- but nothing's going to happen as the money's all gone. Read More >>

Google Wants To Starve Piracy Sites to Death

Google is looking into a new strategy for cracking down on piracy sites: cutting off the sources of their funding so they'll wither and die. Read More >>

Europe Bets €1Billion on Graphene as the Next Big Thing in… Everything

A big pot of Europe's money is being channeled in the direction of miraculous super future material graphene, with an enormous €1billion grant about to fund a decade of development work into new uses for the ingenious carbon product. Read More >>

Join “The Church” and Point and Laugh at Scientology

An independent game developer is about to incur the holy wrath of Scientologists, by planning a satirical game that superbly mocks the concept of the religion. Read More >>

£588k Whacked into UK Kickstarter Projects in its First Week

The UK wing of Kickstarter seems to be doing pretty well for itself, with the money-raising site claiming to have taken pledges for well over half a million quid during its first week of punting projects to the UK audience. Read More >>

Kickstarter Will Be Kickstarting In the UK This Autumn

US crowd-funding super-site Kickstarter is set to join our sometimes-sunny shores and open up to British-based innovators and entrepreneurs this autumn. Read More >>

Chancellor Offers Another £100m to Get Britain Downloading

George Osborne's tinkering with the levers of the British economy will see an extra £100m thrown at internet infrastructure, with the plan funding high-speed web and wi-fi links in ten UK cities. Read More >>

Dyson Puts £1.4m into British Engineering Fund

Sir James 'Vacuum Cleaner' Dyson has launched a £1.4m professorship development fund with Cambridge University, hoping to come up with the inventions and technologies that may make future vacuums suck even better. Read More >>