Funerals are Going High-Tech Thanks to the Former Head of Epcot

Funerals are a £16 billion industry in the United States. And while most people don’t expect a lot of technology at a funeral, the industry is trying to keep up with the times. That means that funeral homes aren’t just selling caskets anymore. They’re selling an “experience”. Read More >>

An Engineer Commissioned This Incredible Mausoleum for Himself

It's a rare kind of person who has the foresight (and cash) to hire an architect to design their own funeral mausoleum. But this engineer in Mucia, Spain, did just that—commissioning this incredible structure for when he shuffles off this mortal coil. Read More >>

Iron Man 3
In Her Final Act, the Iron Lady Conquers the Iron Man

The UK premiere of Iron Man 3 is being postponed 24 hours, not because the actors are revolting, or because the cinema's all booked up for Star Trek, but because of Margret Thatcher's funeral. Yep, the Iron Lady gets the last laugh. Read More >>

British Crematorium Live Streaming Funerals

Progress! Those that are too ill, or just plain unwilling, to make it to the crematorium to send off their loved one, friend or arch nemesis, can now watch from the comfort of their own home, thanks to Stafford Borough council. Read More >>