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Kid Basically Shits Himself Feeding a Llama

Did you ever go to a petting zoo as a kid, have an awesome time, but then your scaredy cat little brother just flips out and causes a scene? Well, let us be the first to say: It is a very hilarious scene to behold. Read More >>

This Ridiculous True Butterfly Crime Story Gets Weirder and Weirder

We've got some beautiful rare butterflies here in England, haven't we? It would be a real shame if some of them... went missing. Read More >>

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Very Good Horse Demonstrates How to Operate a Rubber Chicken

A very good horse named Kruzah was kind enough to demonstrate the proper way to utilise a rubber chicken, as evidenced in the video below. Read More >>

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Amazon Dot Teaches Kid a Slew of Very Dirty Words

Truthfully, I have no idea what the song “Digger Digger” is and have had no success finding it. But this was not the response I was expecting from Alexa when this young boy asked her to play it. Everything goes horribly wrong. Read More >>

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Fantastically Funny Video Replaces the Audio of Planet Earth II Footage with Human Screams

Yes, replacing the noises that animals make with human screams is incredibly silly man, some of the edits of these scenes are ridiculously good. Read More >>

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Watching an Water-Filled Exercise Ball Explode Will Make You Feel Better About Things

It is deeply satisfying — momentarily, anyway — to watch a bloated exercise ball filled with water explode as it hits the ground. It reminds me of something I watched recently, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Huh. Read More >>

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Silly Animation Shows Off Some Crazy Weapons Used During the Middle Ages

From Sam O’Nella, here’s an amusing look at some of the weird, creative, and deeply sinister weapons used during the Medieval period, when castles and knights and dragons existed (oh wait): the six-story tall super giant Warwolf trebuchet, used to bludgeon castles to bits; Greek Fire flamethrowers that basically burned everyone and everything; and a terrible use of pigeons and sparrows and their nests to light an entire city on fire. Read More >>

Dad Makes Adorable Thunderstorm Costume for His Daughter

Lots of kids are terrified of thunderstorms, but not Zoey. Her dad, who you might remember from the glowing stick figure costume he made her a few years ago, is back with this over-the-top Princess Cumulus thunderstorm costume that’s as wonderful as it is impractical for actual trick-or-treating. Read More >>

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The Internet Has Over 30 Words for ‘Pregnant’

Yahoo Answers contains some of the best and brightest treasures on the world wide web. YouTuber J.T. Sexkik created this beautiful supercut that demonstrates the elasticity of the English language. Read More >>

Simone Giertz’s New Robot Is Her Shittiest Yet

The queen of shitty robots is back, apparently, with a hankering for a peanut butter sandwich. Read More >>

Not One of These Buffoons Knows How to Throw a Frisbee

Here are two grown men attempting to throw a piece of plastic at each other every possible way except the right way. Read More >>

Is This How the Rest of the World Views Donald Trump?

Is this how the rest of the world sees Trump? Or perhaps what his true face looks like when he peels back his human mask? Is The Donald a close relative of Graham? Read More >>

Artist Draws Eminem Out of Spaghetti, Because Memes Never Die

Despite critical and commercial success and a storied career, the two words that have followed Eminem the longest are “mom’s spaghetti”, from his Academy Award-winning song Lose Yourself. Bait-and-switch text memes were built around it. A re-edit of the song replaced just about every noun in Lose Yourself with “spaghetti”. Despite being a somewhat old meme, Google trends suggests “mom’s spaghetti” has been slowly gaining popularity over the past five years. Now fine art feels the need to pile on. Read More >>

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So Here’s Trump as a Giant Robot Blowing Up the Entire Goddamn Earth

“What would a Trump presidency look like?” many of us have been wondering, in decreasingly hypothetical terms. Now, in all its bubblegum-tinted glory, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if elected, Donald J. Trump will pilot an enormous mecha in his likeness, use it to construct his long-threatened wall, and then destroy both the wall and the planet it was built on with a sweet-as-hell laser blast. Read More >>

Clicking This One Link Will Totally Get You on a Government Watch List

Does searching for “how to join ISIS” seem like a bad idea that will have a SWAT team banging your door down in the middle of the night? How about letting a potential mate use your computer after looking up “smelly penis cure urgent”? Then do not click on this link which takes you to Ruin My Search History. Read More >>