Man Redefines Horror By Building a Singing Furby Organ

As if the fear of a looming nuclear war wasn’t enough, Sam Battle, the hacker-musician behind the YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer, hacked together 44 Furby toys to build the world’s first (and hopefully last) singing Furby organ, introducing a whole new element to your nightmares. Read More >>

Watch a Furby Cry Tears of Smoke While It Burns to Hell From the Inside

Furbies are little monsters and I never understood why they existed until today. As it turns out, they’re not useless excuses for a toy, but rather the perfect play thing for a red hot nickel ball. Read More >>

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Nightmares Lurk Inside a Furby Connect

Furbies were the hottest toy of the Christmas season back in 1996. Now, there’s a new edition that updates the strange little creature with modern tech for modern kids. Nothing prepared me for what this thing would look like while it is being cut in half by a water jet. Read More >>

Hackers Found a Way to Make Furbies Even Creepier

When Furby hit store shelves in November 1998, it was an instant hit. Kids loved it. Parents loved it. People paid three times the Furby’s retail value just to get one for Christmas, and within three years, Furby had sold 40 million units. Now, nearly two decades later, it’s the seedy world of Furby hackers and circuit-benders that are keeping the legendary toy alive. Read More >>

The New Furby Review: Absolute Horror

The Furby materialised on American shelves in 1998, after a brief warp-trip from some ethereal hell-domain. It drove parents insane. Their children wanted one, insanely badly. They sold out, insanely quickly. Now, the Furby is back, and it is insanity incarnate. Read More >>