Scientists Harvest Hydrogen from Water in Microgravity, a Nifty Trick for Deep-Space Travel

A team of scientists announced they have harvested hydrogen from water in microgravity – a proof-of-principle test that may one day lead to a way to acquire fuel or other resources during a long-distance, crewed space mission. Read More >>

What Fictional Technology Will Become Real in Twenty Years?

Earlier today, I posted a video that hypothesised how Star Trek-like tractor beams and Doctor Who-ish sonic screwdrivers could actually be more realistic than you'd think. Read More >>

NASA is Working on Star Trek Healing Devices

NASA and Texas-based company GRoK Technologies will work on the development of new "breakthrough products," non-invasive medical technologies designed to "regenerate bone and muscle tissues." It really sounds like something out of Star Trek, but "it's not just sci-fi anymore." Read More >>

Science Makes a Circuit So Thin, it Can Sit On a Contact Lens

Flexible, stretchable, bendable circuits will make futuristic wearable devices and implantable medical sensors possible. Yesterday, a Swiss research team revealed a big new step in that field: a super-thin circuit that can function while wrapped around a human hair or laid on a contact lens. Read More >>

A Glimpse at Intel’s Future: Being Inside… Everything

Intel is known as a manufacturer of chips that power your laptop. Simple enough. But it wants—it needs—to be more if it wants to come along for the mobile, wearable, hybrid-fuelled world. Tonight, it gave insight into its ambitions. They're huge. Read More >>

Why You’ll Be Hearing from Xerox PARC a Whole Lot More

Much has been written about Xerox PARC, its legendary R&D legacy, and its inability to make money off their groundbreaking innovations. But what many people don't know is that 10 years ago, it launched a new plan to turn research into cash-money. This printed memory/logic circuit is the first fruit of the new plan. Read More >>

If IBM Has Its Way, This Is What Tech Will Look Like in Five Years

Mind Reading. Power harvesting. No more passwords. The Death of spam. Technology for everyone. These are five thing IBM believes are the future. Not 50 years in the future, but more like five years in the future. Read More >>

PlayStation Games Might Know How Stressed You Are Some Day

Sony filed a series of patents recently that would add biometric sensors to PlayStation 3 controllers and to a handheld resembling the Playstation Vita. How will gaming change when your console knows how you feel? Read More >>