30 Years of G-Shock Celebrated, With Titanium MR-G and Other Limited Edition Watches

The idea to create "the toughest watch in the world" came to Japanese creator Kikuo Ibe, when he dropped and broke a precious watch given to him by his father. The first G-Shocks were developed in the 80s, and 30 years on they're tougher and smarter than ever. One item in particular, "the ultimate G-Shock", has been developed to celebrate the anniversary, the MR-G. Read More >>

G-Shock’s £500 RAF Watch Lacks Shiny Hardware to Avoid Being Spotted by Enemies

After the Royal Air Force gave G-Shock the skinny on the various functions it needs from a watch, the "Gravity Defier" GW-A1000RAF-1AER was born. We sat down with Flight Lieutenant Nathan Jones to discuss his involvement on the project, and find out why he deemed compasses, torches and locator beacons surplus to an RAF pilot's requirements. Read More >>

Hands-On With the Bluetooth G-Shock GB-6900

Giz UK got its grubby mitts on the G-Shock GB-6900 at Baselworld 2012 watch fair, the super-tough digital watch that features a low-power Bluetooth 4.0 chip for two-way communication with a smartphone. It hasn't been released in Europe yet, and according to the G-Shock Research and Development team, I was the first person from the UK to try it on. Read More >>

Hideous G-Shock Phone Is Too Durable to Be Destroyed

Try to drown it, crush it with up to a ton of weight, or give it a ten-foot toss—this prototype G-Shock phone will just laugh its heinous mug at you. Why can't super-rugged things not look like this? Read More >>

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Insane Mountain Biking Video Is Completely Insane

I'll say this for Casio: It makes some incredibly bad-ass videos. To show off its G-Shock G9300 Mudman, Casio sent Cameron Zink and Kyle Strait to Virgin, Utah where they proceed to flip out on camera like you won't believe. The whole episode is positively stomach turning. But the very end? You're not going to believe it. Read More >>