A New Leak Shows LG’s Next Smartwatch May Be Round

As we continue to count down the days until the IFA 2014 consumer electronics show, more leaks surface about gadgets that may be on the guest list. Earlier in the week, we heard rumours that LG was already looking to refresh its G Watch with a second generation model. It seems this model may look different. Read More >>

LG G Watch 2 May Arrive This Year

Smartwatches seem to breed even quicker than their smartphone contemporaries, with LG said to be matching Samsung in the wearables development speed race by revealing an updated G Watch at IFA next month. Read More >>

LG’s Upcoming G Watch Update Uses Software to Fix its Hardware

As is true with most nascent technologies, you're going to hit a few bumps along the way. Developing a new gadget has always been a step-by-step process and the LG G Watch is just the latest example. Read More >>

Android Wear Smartwatch Teardowns: Good Guts, Small Packages

Android Wear devices are finally out in the wild, and while we're all still waiting on the Moto 360, the Samsung and the LG ain't bad. The folks at iFixit tore them apart to see what's underneath the surface, and what they found was mostly what you'd expect. With one exception. Read More >>

LG G Watch Hands-On: A Smartwatch That Feels Like a Watch

Months after it was first announced, you'll finally be able to pre-order LG's Android Wear-powered G Watch for $229 (£135 directly converted) within the next 24 hours, I had the chance to handle the hardware for the first time. And, for the first time, I saw a true smartwatch that actually works like a watch. Read More >>

LG G Watch Arriving in Gold and With a Water Resistant Chassis

LG has released some new stats and images regarding its G Watch wearable, revealing that you'll be able to buy a "champagne gold" model if you must, plus this and the generic black unit will both be water and dust resistant. Ideal if you regularly operate a lathe or work mending boats and need Google to constantly tell you what's on at the cinema. [LG via Droid-Life] Read More >>