How LG’s Rubbish Phone Evolved Into My Favourite Ever

Two years ago I wrote one of the harshest reviews that has ever appeared on Gizmodo. It was for the LG G2, which was supposed to be the company’s flagship Android phone for the year, but it was just bad. I wasn’t shy about saying so. I was so unshy, in fact, that LG tried to get me fired for it. Read More >>

Rumour: LG G3 and G2 Pro May Dabble in Fingerprint Scanning

LG's G2 handset was a powerful but flawed beast, taking some unusual chances with its design, some of which worked, while others didn't. For its successors, the rumoured LG G3 flagship and G2 Pro update, a fingerprint scanner may be the company's next point of experimentation. Read More >>

LG G2 Supports 4K Gaming *and* Wireless Streaming of the Footage

The new, Snapdragon 800-powered LG G2 has one surprise feature hidden away inside its cutting-edge core; the ability to render games at 4K resolution and wirelessly stream the footage of you shooting/driving things to a 4K-ready TV. How ridiculously powerful. Read More >>

20 People Hurt When LG Promo Event Goes Predictably Wrong

20 people were injured at what was supposed to be a delightful if dopey promotional event for the new LG G2 in Korea. The plan had LG release balloons filled with 100 vouchers for free phones. Apparently no one thought it out any further than that. Read More >>

LG G2 Hands-On: Killer Hardware, Software Dead on Arrival

We managed to get some hands-on with the LG's new flagship, the G2. It's a phone that has everything going for it, except for the using it part. Read More >>

LG G2 Leaked Images Show a Well-Rounded New Smartphone

Today, LG is expected to launch the G2 smartphone — the followup to last year's badass Optimus G. Here are two supposed press shots of the new flagship, courtesy of the Evlinks twitter account that seems to always be getting its hands on hot images. Ooooo, shiny! Read More >>