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Every Smartphone Should Come With Free VR Googles

LG just announced that people who buy a new G3 smartphone will get a free VR headset to match. That's an idea we can get behind. Read More >>

YouTube Sizes Up to a Higher Resolution for New Displays

The LG G3 surprised us when it was released earlier this year. It has useful design, with a removable battery and MicroSD options, and its metal-skinned finish sets the handset off with "premium" flare. It also has the most eye-popping screen on a smartphone with its almost bezel-less 5.5-inch 2560x1440 Quad HD display. Read More >>

LG Leaks Mammoth G3 Stylus Phablet in Official Video

It looks like LG wants to take on Samsung and the Galaxy Note with the newly leaked LG G3 Stylus. The pseudo-confirmation of this device's existence comes from a video posted by LG Mobile Global. Read More >>

LG’s G3 Mini May be Even Mini-er

Supposed tech specs exposing the internal workings of LG's unannounced G3 Mini have appeared, suggesting the phone may downsize its display from the G2 Mini's 4.7-inches to just 4.5-inches. Read More >>

LG G3 Extended Impressions: A Killer Screen Killing Battery Life?

The LG G2 had the sort of spec sheet that should have had the competition running scared, but a bloated, fractured software experience and quirky design features held it back from bothering the top dogs. Its successor, the LG G3 has an equally boisterous spec sheet, paired with a more considered unifying software approach. Has LG finally nailed it? Read More >>

LG G3: A Metallic-Skinned Monster-Sized Phone

So, which LG G3 leaks were correct? After the tsunami of info that hit the web ahead of tonight’s flagship smartphone launch, that’s the real question that had to be answered. Read More >>

Nexus 6 Rumour Daisy Chain Suggests LG Hardware and a Fingerprint Reader

Google's Nexus line may be the next to leap aboard the fingerprint sensor train, with a rumour claiming the Nexus 6 will be based around LG's forthcoming G3 model -- and that there'll be a fingerprint reader/viewer built into the hardware. Read More >>

Rumour: LG G3 and G2 Pro May Dabble in Fingerprint Scanning

LG's G2 handset was a powerful but flawed beast, taking some unusual chances with its design, some of which worked, while others didn't. For its successors, the rumoured LG G3 flagship and G2 Pro update, a fingerprint scanner may be the company's next point of experimentation. Read More >>