Microsoft Threatens to Stop Hosting Gab, the Worst Social Network, Over Anti-Semitic Threats of Violence

Gab, the Twitter knock-off of choice for the far right, has 48 hours to delete offending content that Microsoft says incites violence. If Gab doesn’t delete the two posts, created by a user of the site, Microsoft says it will suspend its hosting services. Read More >>

Alt-Right Platform Gab’s Management Is Now Blaming a Leftist Conspiracy for Their Nazi Problem

Twitter knockoff Gab became one of the premiere destinations for members of the extremist “alt-right” banned or just looking to branch out from other social media sites like Twitter. Now, it’s devolving into a sludgy mess of paranoia and conspiracy theories. Read More >>

Here’s What It Takes to Get Banned From the Freest Free Speech Site

Last year represented a breaking point of sorts for major online platforms. The swelling tide of abuse, hate-speech, and politicised misinformation finally grew too big to be ignored. But the ensuing crackdown—as painfully slow and largely ineffective as it was—has led to a concurrent rise in largely-unknown sites and services clamouring to be the Most Free for free speech absolutists. Read More >>