Entire Country’s Internet Reportedly Shut Down During Armed Coup Attempt in Gabon

Earlier this week, Gabon experienced an attempted military coup overnight, which led to leaders in the central African nation shutting off the entire country’s internet. Government officials report that the coup was put down and that everything is now “back to normal” despite there being continued reports of spotty internet access. Read More >>

Africa’s Elusive Forest Elephants Are Being Poached at a Staggering Rate

Image: Thomas Breuer/PLoS
The population of forest elephants in Gabon’s Minkébé National Park—one of Central Africa’s largest and most important nature preserves—has declined by a whopping 81.5 per cent since 2004 due to poaching. It’s considered a major setback for the preservation of this endangered species, of which less than 100,000 remain in the wild. Read More >>