I Wish This Official Scrabble Keyboard Kept Score of Every Email I Wrote

We’ve covered a few of Massdrop’s unorthodox keyboard upgrades over the years, but none as lovely as this officially-licensed Hasbro Scrabble keyboard that puts every letter of the alphabet at your disposal, instead of just seven you randomly grab at the start of a game. Read More >>

Clever Hacker Got His Nintendo Switch to Work On an 80s Sony Watchman Without Any Wires

Before the Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and even the Game Boy, the 1986 Sony Watchman was my first gadget obsession. When the digital TV switchover happened a few years ago, my handheld TV was relegated to a drawer as there’s now nothing to watch on it. But that’s why I’m super excited to see that someone has figured out how to get their Switch running on its tiny, black-and-white screen. Read More >>

This Cryptocurrency Heater Earns Ethereum While Keeping Your House Warm

Keeping crypto mining rigs nice and cool is no joke. Heck, people will submerge the darn things in non-conductive fluids to keep the heat at bay. But what if you could use that heat to keep yourself warm during winter, while making a few bucks on the side? Say hello to the world's first crypto heater, the QC-1. Read More >>

Amazon is Adding Alexa Calling to Android, iOS, and FireOS Tablets

Last year Amazon added the Alexa calling feature to Echo devices, essentially turning your smart speaker into a phone. That meant you could use your Echo to call other Echos without having to pay anything. Echos in North America could even call mobile and landline numbers, as if it were an actual proper phone.  Today Amazon is expanding the functionality to new devices, bringing Alexa calling to tablets running Android, iOS, and Amazon's own FireOS. Read More >>

Amazon Just Made it Easier to Bark Follow-Up Commands at Alexa

If you have an Amazon Echo, or any virtual assistant for that matter, it can be a bit of a pain to keep summoning the miniature AI with the wake-up command. If you need a lot doing, you can end up saying "Alexa" so many times that it starts to sound like a fake word or that you're going slightly mad talking to someone who isn't actually real. Read More >>

Juicero’s Ex-CEO Says He Is Doing Really Well, Also Gets Angry When Asked About Juicero

The guy behind $118.5 million company Juicero, which catastrophically shut down after it was revealed that their eponymous line of $399/£288 cold-pressed raw juice machines were actually just glorified bag-squeezers, is on to new things! Read More >>

Dyson’s Pricey Cordless Vac Is So Good, It’s Killing Cords Altogether

The Dyson upright ball vacuum, an iconic piece of engineering and design that made vacs a gadget worthy of your lust, is being eliminated. In its place is Dyson’s latest cordless vac, the Cyclone V10. The company claims the V10's upgraded electric motor can suck better and last longer on a single charge. But can a rechargeable vacuum really replace a corded one? It has for me. The new Dyson Cyclone V10 may have a few issues, but this little cordless vacuum is so good it might finally justify Dyson’s premium pricing. Read More >>

This Cheap, Playable Smartphone Case Is Triggering my Eternal Love For the Game Boy

As an avid portable gamer, you might assume smartphones, and their app stores filled with million of titles, would be my ideal device. But part of me still yearns for physical buttons to mash, like my beloved Game Boy had. That’s probably why I find this case that puts a bunch of basic video games on the back of a smartphone so appealing. Read More >>

Amazon’s Bundling the Echo and Fire TV Stick Together for £69.98

Last week Amazon opened up the far field voice control feature on the Fire TV here in the UK, letting Echo owners control their Amazon-made streaming stick using nothing but voice commands. To commemorate that, and clearly get people ditching the voice button on the remote, Amazon's bundling the two devices together. Read More >>

Amazon and Google Are Back to Feuding, This Time Over Smart Homes and Nest

E-retail giant Amazon has declined to feature any future products from Google’s line of smart home products, Nest, and as a result, Nest won’t be restocking those items currently listed on the site once they sell out. Read More >>

The Method-2 Looks as Menacing as Ever, But You Could Probably Still Defeat It With a Shallow Incline

Humans may remain pathetic creatures of meat and bone, but the era of the almighty humanoid terminator is not yet upon us. CNBC recently got an opportunity to test-drive South Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology’s really cool looking Method-2, which just so happens to be the very bipedal robot that aspiring post-apocalyptic warlord Jeff Bezos got into on stage at Amazon’s annual robotics conference last year. Read More >>

mwc 2018
Here Are the Most Mesmerising Things I Saw at MWC 2018

Go to any big trade show and you will see plenty of things on show. Tech shows are no different, and even though MWC is primarily aimed at businesses and enterprise users, there was no shortage of interesting things on display. Most of it was mobile and 5G related, but there were plenty of wacky things on show that you could easily sit and watch for hours. Here are all my favourites. Read More >>

mwc 2018
MWC 2018: I Sat in a Room With a Projector That Wants to Replace the VR Headset

If you want to enjoy 360-degree video or any other kind of virtual reality content, you only really have the one choice: wear some sort of headset and cut yourself off from the outside world. It's not really that convenient, and it's not exactly the most sociable of activities. There is another option out there, albeit an option that's expensive and definitely not within reach of the normal person. Read More >>

This Handcrafted Commodore PET 2001 Is the Most Elite Retro Device that Money (Probably) Can’t Buy

The Commodore PET 2001 was already one of the better-looking dinosaurs from the early desktop days, but this one-of-a-kind retro rebuild, handmade from American walnut, takes it to another level. Read More >>

MWC 2018: Holy Crap, Actual Working AR Glasses That Aren’t Completely Shit

It's a good thing there are people out there too sensible to listen to everything Tim Cook says. Last year Mr We-Can't-Make-Quality-AR-Glasses-Yet claimed we don't have the actual tech to make AR glasses that are any good. I was lucky enough to get a go with the Vuzix Blade AR glasses at Mobile World Congress, and I can tell you that Tim Cook was either lying to cover Apple's tracks as it develops its own AR glasses, or completely wrong. Read More >>