The Dyson Airwrap Vacuums Your Hair Into Curls

Two years ago Dyson used its expertise in pushing air to create a premium hair dryer that was absurdly expensive, but, in our testing at the time, surprisingly worth the investment. Today the company is announcing its first follow-up to the Supersonic: a new styling tool called the Airwrap that replaces the skin-searing metal surfaces of a curling iron with hot air moving through brushes and other attachments that are much safer to use. Read More >>

All That New Alexa Stuff Goes on Sale in the UK Today

It feels like no time at all since Giz UK was living it up in Seattle trying out all the new Alexa devices, but already it's launch day. Read More >>

Essential’s Next Phone Will Be a Wildly Different, AI-Powered Companion: Report

Making smartphones is hard, and despite having one of the best pedigrees in the business, Andy Rubin’s company stumbled out of the gate when it launched the Essential PH-1 last year. At first, the Essential Phone’s camera wasn’t great and it’s software wasn’t quite as smooth as we’d like, but thanks to continued support and a some price drops, the PH-1 turned into one of the best smartphone bargains of 2018. Read More >>

Google Finally Dishes the Dirt on the New Chromecast

We knew there was a new Chromecast coming, complete with some sort of revamped design, but for some reason Google chose to ignore it during last night's big launch event. But now that's over we finally have some solid details, beyond 'its got a different logo in the middle'. Unfortunately it's not that impressive. Read More >>

Why People Are Putting Fitness Trackers on Toilet Roll in China

It all started with a mystery: Why would a fitness tracker detect a beating heart on a toilet roll? Read More >>

Here’s All the New Stuff Google Announced Today

Google’s attempt at a splashy Pixel 3 launch event today may have been dulled by some of more thorough product leaks in recent memory, but luckily the company had a bit more to talk about than a couple of iterative smartphone updates. Here’s a rundown of everything Google announced today, as well as some of the things it didn’t. If you wanted a pair of fancy, new Pixel Buds or a Pixel Watch, then tough luck, dear friends. Maybe Google will hook you up next time. Read More >>

Facebook’s Echo Show Clone is Real, But it Won’t be Available in the UK

For a while we've been hearing rumours about Facebook developing its own smart devices, specifically smart speakers and smart displays (ala Echo Show). Well now we finally get to see them for ourselves, properly, because the company just announced tow Alexa-enabled smart displays: the Portal and Portal+. Sadly neither of them are going to be available outside the US for the immediate future. Which is just typical. Read More >>

Capping Off Endless Leaks, the Pixel 3 XL Is Already on Sale in Hong Kong Before Launch Event

Google has had a rough time ahead of its October hardware launch event — namely, spoilers about the upcoming Pixel 3 line keep leaking online via Russian tech bloggers, Imgur posts, and even the backseats of Lyft cabs. It’s gotten so bad some have cooked up wild theories Google is deliberately leaking inaccurate information about the phones. Well, mere days before the October 9th event, Engadget senior editor Richard Lai has obtained an apparent copy of a Pixel 3 XL from a Hong Kong mobile shop. Read More >>

My Dream of Wearing Motorised Shoes Was More Painful Than Expected

It was always a weird ambition of mine to own shoes that would turn into little electric cars at the flip of a switch. Probably a lazy one. So I jumped at the chance to try Razor’s Turbo Jetts. They’re like the advanced version of Heelys that I wanted when I was 11 years old. I’m much older now, and so naturally, I hurt myself with these motorised shoes. Read More >>

LG’s 5-Camera Phone Offers a Snapshot of the Incredible Multi-Lens Future

If the new LG V40 was a person, it would almost certainly be an AV nerd. On the outside, it’s dressed in a rather drab, but not offensive outfit. Inside, it’s got some serious camera talent. Read More >>

The Logitech Crayon Is a Great iPad Stylus for Kids. Artists? Not So Much

There was a small splash of enthusiasm when Logitech recently announced that the £65 Crayon, a more affordable “digital pencil” originally only for education customers, would be available to all iPad users. Calling it a “pencil” is problematic, though. It can’t do all the same things as a £90 Apple Pencil. And depending on what you want to do with an iPad, that difference can feel like a big deal. Read More >>

Samsung is Working on Making DeX Completely Wireless

In the 18 or so months since Samsung first launched DeX, it's gone through quite a few changes. Whether it was the new stand launched with the Galaxy S9, or the stand-free cable that launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9, it seems Samsung is doing a lot to try and make DeX as unintrusive as possible. So it's no surprise that it's working on making the whole system completely wireless. Read More >>

What to Expect From Google’s Pixel 3 Hardware Event

In less than a week’s time Google will be holding court in New York to reveal some less-than-mysterious new hardware offerings. Those Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones might have been thoroughly leaked ahead of next week’s gathering, but what other surprises has Google managed to keep under wraps? Read More >>

Alidi’s Specialbuys Get Weirder With an £899 Thermal Camera

Aldi has a tendency to stock some pretty bizarre stuff. Stuff that you can't help but pick up and take home with you, just in case it comes in handy one day. In the past it pushed that to more of an extreme with a 3D Printer, but now the discount supermarket has pushed it even further with a thermal imaging camera that costs £899. Read More >>

Finally, a Humanoid Robot With an Electric Screwdriver Hand

It’s been a few years since Japan’s AIST updated its HRP humanoid robot line. While the last iteration, HRP-4C, strived to make the robot seem as human as possible with a realistic female head, the new industrial-looking HRP-5P looks like it escaped the factory before its bodywork was finished. It’s not pretty, but the ‘skills’ section of its CV already looks impressive. Read More >>