Wanna Visit the Galápagos Islands? It Could Soon Cost You a Lot More

Officials at Galápagos National Park are considering a substantial rate hike for visitors, a move that could make the islands a lot more inaccessible – which is exactly their goal. Read More >>

Diego the Loverboy Sires Over 800 Baby Tortoises, Saves His Species

Some acquire greatness through intellect or unbridled creativity. But Diego the tortoise sexed his way into legend. Read More >>

NASA’s Thermal Camera Turns Galapagos Volcano Into an Eruption From Hell

After 33 years without a peep, the highest volcano in the Galapagos began belching hot magma in May. The eruption was pretty incredible on its own, but a new NASA photo, digitally altered to look as if rivers of black lava are streaming down a red mountainside, makes it look like it occurred in an otherworldly hell. Read More >>

Google’s Street View Cams Capture Galapagos Islands’ Magical Giant Tortoises

It's probably not that hard to take photographs of giant tortoises, seeing as they sort of sit there munching all day, but still. It's easier to look at them through Street View than it is to get to the Galapagos islands, so here they are, on your computer, thanks to Google. Read More >>

You Can Now Explore the Galapagos Islands With Google Street View

The Galapagos are some of the most biodiverse places on the planet, and it was key in Charles Darwin's findings in forming the the scientific argument of evolution. You may never get to travel to the volcanic archipelago in person, but now thanks to Google, you can explore it through 360 degree imagery on Street View. Read More >>

‘Extinct’ Giant Turtle Might Join Lonesome George As World’s Rarest Creature

A giant tortoise species presumed extinct for more than 150 years is actually roaming the Galápagos islands today according to DNA evidence, scientists report. Read More >>