Move Over Apple: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Gets the Queen’s Royal Seal of Approval

Who'd have thought it eh? The Queen is a tablet user, or is just about to become one. She's getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 complete with 60 hand-picked entries from the 'Diamond (re)Collection,' which recounts the Queen's 60 years on the throne. Maybe the Queen likes a good old stylus? Read More >>

Original Samsung Galaxy Note Sells 10M Units, While Kylie Wears Dress Made From 10.1-Inch Model

Back in March, Samsung announced that their venerable phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note, sold a decent five million units, but now the company has gone and announced that they have now doubled that figure by selling over 10 million units worldwide. I'm pretty sure that number is only going to continue to grow, and who would have guessed phones were getting big again? Meanwhile, Kylie has been spotted wearing a bespoke dress, designed by Matthew Williamson, made up of Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets. Err. Read More >>

Samsung Releases Its 50-Millionth Tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1

Are you a fan of the original stylus-packing Galaxy Note, but thought at just 5.3-inches it was a tad too small? SHOCKING NEWS: Samsung's released the long-awaited quad-core 10.1-inch version, and you should be able to get your stylus-clutching hands on it by the end of this month. Read More >>

Samsung Goes Back to the Capacitive Drawing Board, Updates Galaxy Note 10.1 to Quad-Core and Adds Stylus Slot

Samsung has slightly tinkered with the larger version of the Galaxy Note it'll soon be releasing, adding an oh-so-important slot for the company's S Pen sensitive stylus and taking the opportunity to enhance the internals of the tablet, too. Read More >>

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Samsung’s Come-Out Fighting Armed With a Stylus After Apple’s Low Blow Last Night

While blabbing about how great the iPad is, Apple hit-out at Samsung and Android over app scaling. It wasn’t pretty, and just a tad below the belt to pick on an app that isn’t tablet-optimised from Twitter of all places, but it seems Apple’s not playing fair anymore (did it ever?). Samsung’s not taking this playground rubbishing lying down though, and has retaliated in proper schoolboy fashion armed with a Galaxy Note 10.1-shield and an S Pen-forged sword. Read More >>

Samsung’s Got an Even Bigger Galaxy Note 10.1-Inch Up Its Sleeve

Apparently a hand-stretching 5.3-inch screen just isn't big enough. It looks like Samsung just let slip that it’s got a 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Note on its way and that it’ll probably be unveiled at MWC. Read More >>