Man’s Galaxy Note 4 Mysteriously Updates With Android 6.0

A Dutch man with a nice Dutch voice has put a video of his telephone on the internet, with the exciting subtext being it's a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -- which for some reason has been chosen to be the first and as yet only particular version of this phone in the whole world to receive the over the air update. Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 4’s Screen Compared to its Toughest Competition

The Galaxy Note 4 has a bonkers screen. That 518 PPI Super AMOLED stunner is one of the best parts of a great phone. But how does it hold up to the other big, high-res phone screens out there? Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 4 Has the Best Display of Any Smartphone So Far

Samsung is continually improving upon the quality of its smartphone displays, and the screens on the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Edge are no exception. In fact, according to extensive testing from DisplayMate, one of them has the best smartphone display yet. Read More >>

Blink and You’ll Miss This Leaked Video of the Galaxy Note 4

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 should be coming very, very soon, almost certainly at Samsung's Unpacked event next week. But in the meantime, it's made a sneak appearance in an extremely short leaked video. Not the shortest we've seen, but close. Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 4 Could Have a Couple of Nifty Camera Tricks Up its Sleeve

Taking a photo on your phone isn't as quick as it should be because you've got to take it out, turn on the screen, unlock it, and then navigate to the camera app. By that time your cat has stopped pulling a stupid face and the potential Reddit Karma will never come to be. Thanks to a new leak, a couple of new features on the Galaxy Note 4 could make that process a smidge faster. Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 4 Might Come With an Ultrasonic Case for the Visually Impaired

Rumours about the Galaxy Note 4's features have been flying around for a while but if the latest one is true, then it might actually benefit a number of people. According to the folks at SamMobile, Samsung is planning on releasing an ultrasonic case for the Galaxy Note 4 to help visually impaired people get around. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Looks Like a High-Res Beast of a Phone

Forget the Samsung Galaxy Alpha -- the Galaxy Note 4 looks like a proper flagship worthy of your attention. Or at least it does according to this alleged retail listing leak, which pips Samsung to the post by apparently spilling all the smartphone's secret specs. Read More >>

Leaked Galaxy Note 4 Images Show Off Metal and Faux Leather

We already know a lot of rumours and speculation surrounding Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 4, but we had yet to see any leaked images of the thing. These photos provide that last piece to this phablet puzzle. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

The Galaxy Note 3 is a monster, both in size and importance. It was the best-selling device in Samsung's Galaxy lineup last year, and more importantly made phablets something you'd actually want to use. But with Apple potentially about to enter the biggie-sized smartphone space, the upcoming Note 4 has a whole lot more riding on it. Read More >>

Curved OLED Galaxy Note 4 Rumoured for September Launch

Samsung may have two versions of the Galaxy Note 4 to demonstrate later this year, one with a standard display and a flashier curved OLED option for some regions. That's according to the Korea Times, which says a Note 4 "with a curved OLED display for niche markets" will be shown off at the IFA tech event this September. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 May Include Flexible Screen Tech

Samsung mobile VP Lee Younghee has suggested the company's considering sticking some sort of flexible display inside its forthcoming Galaxy Note 4 model, although right now there's no final design in place so... it might not. But it might. Read More >>

It’s Rumoured That the Galaxy Note 4 Will Come With Three Flexible Screens

If the latest rumours are to be believed, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come equipped with flexible screens. Note that the use of the word "screens" there, this bad-boy is not just going to have one flexible screen, it's going to have three. Read More >>

Samsung’s 2014 Rumoured to Involve Showing a Galaxy Note 4 at IFA

Samsung would appear to be sticking to its winning product lines and the timelines in which it updates them and makes everything half an inch or so bigger, with rumours from its homeland claiming the Galaxy Note 4 will appear at the IFA tech event as did its forefathers. Read More >>