You Don’t Need a Real Face to Beat the Galaxy Note 8’s Facial Recognition

Samsung has made some bold claims about its new biometrics, like how facial recognition is more secure than using a PIN. Well someone decided to put that to the test, and look what they managed to do: Read More >>

A Cheaper Version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Happen

Let's not beat around the bush, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 costs a lot. Far too much for most normal people to justify, especially if they're on a two-year upgrade cycle. £869 is, after all, more than I spent on my last phone and TV combined. Well Samsung might have a solution to that problem: a cheaper variant of the Note 8 with lower specs. Read More >>

The Note 8 Won’t Fit Current Gear VR Headsets, so Samsung’s Releasing a New One

Did you hear? Samsung's releasing a new phone. Shocking, I know. While the Note 8 is all flashy, shiny, and exciting, there is a big problem. It won't fit in existing Gear VR headsets, so if you want both you'll have to go out and buy a brand new headset. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Orders Are Now Open, Here’s Where You Can Get One

In case you somehow hadn't noticed, Samsung revealed its Galaxy Note 8 phablet this afternoon. It's a nice looking phone with a hefty price tag attached, but if you simply must have one here are all the places that are accepting pre-orders right now - or will be in the very near future. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Speculation over Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 seems to have been going on since the Note 7 was released and promptly starting exploding. Now after all that time it's finally been revealed. Here's everything we about about it so far. Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 8’s UK Price Just Leaked

At 4 o'clock this afternoon, Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 to the world, even though there are already a billion leaks out there telling us pretty much everything we need to know. Well now there's another biggy, featuring the phone's full specs and UK pricing. Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 8’s Teaser Trailer is Just an Orgy of Buzzwords

Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 next Wednesday, and to advertise that fact for real (rather than relying on leaks) it's released a short teaser trailer to try and get people hyped up. Sadly nothing kills the mood like an orgy of meaningless buzzwords solely designed to make execs feel good. Read More >>

A New Leak Seemingly Confirms the Galaxy Note 8’s Launch Date

These days officially revealing phones are a mere formality. All the leaks mean we know pretty much everything anyway, yet the phone companies still parade their CEOs on stage to show us properly. This latest Galaxy Note 8 leak claims that the phone will be 'unveiled' on 23rd August. Read More >>

Galaxy Note 8 Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

After the literal garbage fire that was the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet needs to be more than just a big Galaxy S8 with a stylus. So before Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, we’re going to run through all the rumours and speculation to see if the Note 8 even has a chance of delivering on all the hype. Read More >>

Samsung May Launch a Galaxy Note 8 This Year as if Nothing Bad Happened

Samsung is seriously considering launching a new Galaxy Note phone as usual later this year, despite the fact that the Note 7 became something of a global laughing stock and huge corporate embarrassment due to the small problem of some models catching fire and needing to be sent back to Samsung in little fire-resistant boxes. Read More >>

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Will Supposedly Be an 8-Inch Monster

After the supposed specs leaked last week, Samsung's mobile head JK Shin has apparently confirmed that there's an 8-inch Galaxy Note coming next month at Mobile World Congress, the annual trade show in Barcelona. That means you're going to need to buy a pair of Jncos if you want to carry this rumoured monstrous phablet in your pocket. Read More >>

Samsung Slotting an 8″ Galaxy Note Into Its Enormous Android Range

Those of you still counting Samsung phone and tablet models have a new one for the long, long list, with leaks suggesting it's preparing an 8" Galaxy Note to sit between the 5.5" Note II and the larger 10" version of the stylus-based tablet. Read More >>