Samsung Galaxy Note III Benchmarks Hint at Phone of Ultimate Power

Samsung's Galaxy Note III, images of which have been leaked all over the internet for the past few months, has supposedly been benchmarked in something approaching its final hardware and software form. The numbers are quite impressive. Read More >>

Apparently Aliens Make Samsung Phones

This explains a lot. According to a leaked video, the brains behind the phone deluge from Samsung are apparently alien in origin. Maybe they'll be able to beam me back home after their keynote, then? It might also explain Samsung's latest gigantophone -- clearly extra-terrestrials have much bigger hands than us puny humans. [Samsung] Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Note III Could Be an Absolute Beast

We've heard quite a few rumours touting the incoming Samsung Galaxy Note III's physical stature, but not a heck of a lot about the internals. If this report by notorious Samsung-leaker SamMobile is to be believed, the Note III will be a full HD 5.7-inch octa-core-packing beast. Read More >>

Samsung’s Got Another Note For Us in Berlin

If you were in any doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note III is on its way, this little teaser, which not-so-subtly states "note the date" for Samsung's IFA keynote on September 4th, should put that to rest. How big will it be though? Can anyone stomach a 7-inch phablet? Samsung's got to one-up Sony's 6.44-incher, right? [Facebook] Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Note III With Optical Image Stabilisation Could Appear in London Next Month

New rumours regarding the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III have appeared, with a Korean news site claiming we'll see a 13-Megapixel sensor in Samsung's next monster mobile, along with an optical image stabilisation system to counteract your excited/nervous shakes. And as Samsung has an event planned in London for June, perhaps we'll see it then? [ET News via Engadget] Read More >>

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note III Rumour Suggests 5.99″ Display and 3GB of RAM

The endless possible size and feature permutations of Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy Note III have taken a new twist, with an alleged photo of the Note III and accompanying tech specs suggesting it'll arrive with a 5.99" display. Which you could round up to 6" should a lady ask how much diagonal length you're packing. Read More >>

Rumour: Galaxy Note III Features “Unbreakable” Plastic Display

The next high-end whopper to emerge from Samsung's design labs might have an "unbreakable" plastic display, thanks to its engineers creating a glass-free OLED screen system that ought to survive any number of drops onto various hardy household laminated surfaces. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 camera
Is Samsung Finally Waking Up to the Fact that Expensive Phones Need to Feel Premium?

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 our hearts sank a little. Compared to the gorgeous, premium looking and feeling HTC One, the plastic-shelled S4 just looked cheap. Yes, there are merits for a polycarbonate construction, but a premium experience isn't one of them. It seems Samsung might have just woken up to that fact. Read More >>

Samsung Hints at 6.3″ Future Phone, Probably the Galaxy Note III

Samsung's new listing for its Bluetooth Game Pad has one very interesting tech spec, with the controller claiming to be compatible with phones containing displays of up to 6.3 inches. That's a rather specific size, leading some to postulate that's how large the forthcoming Galaxy Note III's screen might be. Read More >>