Whoa! Google’s Selling a Pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4 on Google Play

YOU GUYS! Google just announced at I/O that it's going to be selling a Samsung Galaxy S4, unlocked, with stock Android, on Google Play starting June 26. Just to pick out the important words for you: "STOCK" "ANDROID" "GALAXY S 4." Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Been Rooted Before It’s Even Available

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S4 isn't even on the shelves yet, but a team of dedicated tinkerers over at XDA Developers has already managed to root the thing. Read More >>

I Think Even Samsung Knows That the Galaxy S4 is a Let-Down

I don't know if you heard, but Samsung finally 'unpacked' the Galaxy S4 last night, live in New York, and yup, it was the colossal disappointment I pretty much expected it to be. Now sure, it looks like a decent enough device, and I've no doubt it'll sell like loonytunes, but the event was a clear sign that cracks are forming in Sammy's giant, all-singing all-dancing facade. Read More >>

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 Event Right Here

Want to watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 event live, but can't pony up for a plane ticket? Well, you're in luck, because we've got a live stream of the event right here. Set the corn to pop, kick back, and don't forget to join in our drinking game if it all gets too much for your smartphone-addled brain. 11PM (which is when it all kicks off, dummy) can't get here soon enough. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S IV Eye Tracking
Leaked Screenshots Support Samsung Galaxy S IV Auto-Scroll Rumours

These leaked screenshots add a smidgen of weight to the New York Times rumour which suggested that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV would offer smart auto-scrolling by tracking your eyes. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Arrive In May, According to Samsung

After that reportedly leaked press shot -- which was totally fake, but we'll just gloss over that for now -- apparently Samsung Lebanon has let slip that we'll see the Samsung Galaxy S4 in May this year. If you believe Lebanon that is. May, that's so soon. [Facebook via Cnet] Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4
If This Really Is a Press Shot of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Oh Dear

Not that it's not a gorgeous-looking phone, but oh my god it looks like the iPhone 5's twin brother. I know Samsung and Apple have serious beef with each other, but hell, that's almost Chinese knock-off territory. Probably utter crap then, but just imagine if it was real. [SamMobile via Ubergizmo] Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Tipped for Non-Shock March 2013 Launch

You probably don't need telling that Samsung's going to have a new high-end Galaxy S model ready to sell to us all in 2013, as that's about as guaranteed as the fact that 2013 will come with 12 months inside it and some of them will feature unusually high levels of rainfall. But... Read More >>