Samsung Galaxy SIII Browser Bug Makes the Phone a Mobile Data Hog

Researchers who spend their days thanklessly looking into mobile phone browser performance have found a problem with the stock browser that comes on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, claiming it can use up to three times more data to display pages over 3G than necessary. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3
Your Samsung Galaxy S III Is Getting the Software Goodies From the Galaxy S4

Last night's Samsung Galaxy S4 launch came with oodles and oodles of software goodies. I say goodies, not all of them sound useful, but you never know. Good news for those of you with the now obsolete Galaxy S III, Samsung's going to bring everything it can, software-wise, to all its "flagship devices". Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S III’s Lockscreen Is Swiss Cheese Too

As if here to solely prove my point, that it's pretty much safe to assume that if someone has your phone in their possession they'll be able to get through the lockscreen, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a security bug too. You can gain full access to a locked Galaxy S III with a series of simple button presses. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Camera

Along with the HTC One, a zillion new smartphones are going to be announced next week at Mobile World Congress, each promising camera advancements that may or may not live up to the hype. Before we get there, though, we wanted to take stock of how good the cameras are in the smartphones you can buy now. Here's how the flagships measure up. Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy S III on Orange? Jelly Bean’s Finally Here For You

Well, that didn't take long now did it? We've no idea why Orange took its sweet-arse time with it, but Jelly Bean is finally available for your Samsung Galaxy S III. Better late than never, I guess. Fire up Kies and check for updates. [TechRadar] Read More >>

That Samsung Sex Tape Ad Is Way Creepier When It’s Santa

We all remember that time Samsung made a Galaxy S III ad that promoted the healthy exchange of sex tapes between mature adults, right? Like all good things, it's received its mandatory Christmas tie-in. One that manages to ruin your childhood. Read More >>

samsung phone testing
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Samsung Tests Its Phones Using a Massive Fake Arse

I have no idea what the guy in this video is banging on about (it's in Korean), but apparently in Samsung's army of smartphone testing apparatus is a 100kg arse, which it dutifully drops onto its phones. Now that's proper testing right there. Read More >>

UK Galaxy S III Getting its Jelly Bean Update This Month

Samsung has confirmed plans to update the telephones of UK-based Galaxy S III users to the latest 4.1 version of Google's code, telling users that "Jelly Bean" will arrive this month. There might be a delay while your network amends the bookmarks and installs some crappy apps, mind, but unlocked users ought to be in luck very shortly. [Clove] Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy S III Is Your Awesome-Phone-on-the-Cheap Deal of the Day

There's nothing quite as entertaining as the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung over who has stolen whose ideas for what constitutes a great smartphone. Well, unless you count a 1972 episode of Emmerdale Farm where Jethro falls off a barn roof. Oh, and a billion other things. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini Might Have Shrunken Specs, Too

When Samsung confirmed that its 4-inch Galaxy S III mini was real, it promised that it wouldn't just be another horrible tiny budget phone. But if MobileGeeks' information about the handset is correct, we may be in for a letdown tomorrow. Read More >>

It Costs Basically Nothing to Charge Your Phone for a Year

With all these modern gadgets sucking down juice like nobody's business -- does anyone's phone actually last more than a day these days? -- you'd think the costs would really add up, but apparently not. An iPhone 5, for instance, would only cost you about 50p a year, while your Galaxy S IIIs clock up just 71p a year in electricity. Running modern gadgets is properly cheap. Read More >>

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: Smartphone Display Technology Shoot-Out

The iPhone 5 has been the most anticipated mobile device of 2012 together with its cousin the iPad Mini, which we expect to be seeing shortly. Apple has made displays their most prominent marketing feature because it determines the quality of the visual experience for everything on a smartphone or tablet—including apps, web content, photos, videos, and its camera. The retina displays on the iPhone 4 and the new iPad were significant advancements—not just in sharpness but in picture quality and colour accuracy, which is what provides the display's real wow factor. Read More >>

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Samsung, You’re Starting to Look Lame

So the fact that you went to all the trouble to build a fake Apple store to rip on the iPhone was one thing. Then you spat out an ad; it was cute, funny almost. But then there's another, and frankly, it's getting a bit sad. Read More >>

Samsung Throws Down the Gauntlet with Its New iPhone-Bashing Ad

Not too long ago, Samsung faced a big loss against Apple in court, and now, it's just sat through the announcement of the new iPhone, which sold out its preorders in a matter of hours. What's a rival manufacturer to do? That's easy; if you're Samsung, you attack. Read More >>

How the iPhone 5 Stacks Up to the Competition

The new iPhone is finally here. Yes, people would line up to buy it even if it was made of bottle-caps and dog-poo, but it isn't. It's predictably a very good phone. How good? Let's see how it compares to the top competition. Read More >>