Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Glorious Excess with an Excessive Price

Let’s skip past all the hemming and hawing. Between its huge 6.9-inch 120Hz screen, beastly specs, 5G support, 108-MP main camera, Space Zoom lens, and 8K video capture, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is an absolute powerhouse. It has practically any feature you could ever want (aside from a headphone jack), and unless you’re a stylus die-hard, the S20 Ultra makes the £1,000 Note 10+ seem like a quaint mid-range device. And if price wasn’t a factor, I’d have a hard time choosing any phone available today over the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Read More >>

All the Best UK Network Deals Available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra might not be out in the UK for over a month (!), but that isn't stopping the networks from gladly sticking up sales pages and getting you to pledge to hand over your money for Samsung's flagship flagship. After all, you can't get a pair of Galaxy Buds+ if you don't pre-order, because nobody ever thought of spending £159 to buy them on their own. Read More >>